Wow, how is that for a rip-off of the Mazda steering wheel and guage cluster? The rest of the dash looks a lot like the upcoming ND Miata, Mazda, and CX-3.

My grandfather had a Sterling 825 and my dad went and got an 827. The 825 had an automatic, a nice cloth interior and real wood trim. The 827 had leather and real wood trim on the interior, but also had the Acura engine and a manual transmission. I have fond memories of both cars. Read more

Phew! Thankfully, I didn't shame my screen name! The wording of the first question was a bit tricky, but I channeled my inner Jinba Ittai and got it right!

I think the CX-3 looks great and is very encouraging. It seems like everything coming out of Mazda since they broke free from Ford has been getting steadily better in terms of design, technology, and overall packaging. I see some ND DN in the interior and that character line that starts at the outer corner of the Read more

You said that you paid $3,899 for the warranty and they are now charging $8,399. Unless I missed it, the fact that the first two digits were reversed in each of those prices wasn't mentioned. Is it possible that you could have scored a deal if the finance person who handled your paperwork fat-fingered the entry into Read more

Another one for the next time you have your safety crusader cap on is to chronicle how motorists seem to simultaneously lose the ability to see/hear/think/operate their vehicle properly when a fire truck, ambulance, or police car is approaching an intersection (especially from behind). Just the other day, I witnessed Read more

I am trying really hard to reserve judgment until the cars are in dealerships when I can see/touch/drive. I am loving the looks, but am somewhat of an "NA purist" when it comes to drivetrain. I like the smaller engine and 5-speed in my NA, and the fact that I can drive around town like a nut if I want to and still Read more