Aug 23 2019
The Mary Prayer

As a gay man of a certain age, especially living in the Twin Cities as a young man, The Mary Tyler Moore Show was

Sep 28 2017
Fidgety Spinner

Do a google image search for Mira Sorvino and see if maaaaayyybe she doesn’t think she has a good side and has been

Sep 10 2017
Leg synching.

Apologies if this has been shared here sometime when I wasn’t paying attention, but Jesus, this makes me happy. It’s

Aug 24 2016

I never thought about it before I saw the top image, above, on the main page Paisley Park post, but I kind of like

Jun 19 2016

For Father’s Day, my (78 year-old) mom and I watched the first half hour of The Shining, while yelling to Shelly Duvall, “JUST KILL THE FUCKER NOW, C’MON,” and eating ice cream sandwiches because my stepfather didn’t like them and they cost a dime more than a plain, cheap-ass ice cream cone, so nobody could have them,