Beck Bennett will clearly have to pull double duty as Putin and the Mooch. Read more

This is officially the only thread I’m going to read on this post; just going a dozen or so posts has already made me feel, if nothing else, infinitely less alone. My father died a year ago, but I last spoke with him nearly ten years before that. We were at a family wedding, and something just clicked - he made one of Read more

Old Lady Better is going to be formidable. Read more

You’re generally quite right. The only one I lament not having happened is Fay Wray in the remake of King Kong; at one point, she was slated to appear out of the crowd gathered around the dead ape and say “’Twas beauty killed the beast...” (the last line of the original).. Read more

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Celine’s version is the original and still champion - but this cover pretty much blows the fusty memories of that omnipresent song out of the water:

I have never seen this gentleman before. I am, however, rather distinctly fond of gentlemen from a certain geographic region with certain specific qualities. And I have just lost the next two hours of my life, Googling with a purpose like unto that of a hound-dog on a strong scent. My stars... Read more

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One can only imagine that her reaction was something like the one she displayed when asked if her onetime co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger could act (also: the woman is a treasure):

I’m guessing Ken dumped her and she got the pink Corvette repossessed?

Was Ivana the one who got fired when she was getting better at running casinos than he was? Read more

Going to school (and being broke) in West Philadelphia in the early ‘80s, the Divine Tracy Hotel was a godsend (as it were). It had a restaurant, the Keyflower, that served pretty good vegetarian food for practically nothing. The people from the church who ran it were awfully nice, too, if almost preternaturally Read more

I think this probably increases their chances for long-term survival though. They’ve made some extremely smart real estate plays Read more

I’ve been cursing myself ever since the damn place open. For five long years I live up there on that end of Manhattan, long enough ago that the only attraction was a clapped-out Food Emporium supermarket and the worst Chinese takeout in creation. If only I’d waiting the better part of decades, the restaurant of my Read more

Someone should do this for The Women (1939, not the shit remake). It would be an eye-jarring series of quick cutaways of opulent Moderne interiors, with not a soul in it... Read more

This isn’t anything new. In addition to thousands of civil servants (primarily serving in Washington), the State Department has two kinds of Foreign Service positions: Foreign Service Officers, who take the Foreign Service test to start the process of becoming a candidate in one of the diplomatic functions, and Read more

I would love to see her as a second Trump in a scene with Alec Baldwin’s Trump. Read more

The one good news story I’ve read today. I fell in love with Grace Hopper when she appeared on 60 Minutes in 1983 - learning about her actually inspired me to take a “Programming for Poets” class my university offered for the Totally Scientifically and Mathematically Inept among us. I can’t say it transformed me Read more

Jesus God in Heaven. The way the poor PM sprang/shrank/fell backward into his chair was a truly a heartrending combo of relief and horror. Meanwhile, do you suppose Melania has been spending the last couple of days furtively trying to figure out how to say “Save me” in Japanese in anticipation of her photo op with Read more

In fact, that might even be the extra layer to it. She knows her life is hell as long as she’s with him—but she knows he, and his minions, will unleash even more hell if they ever do divorce. Read more

There’s more sparkle between the Carters than between those two. Read more

Why does this family have such an issue with tailors? Read more