Murry Chang
3:57 PM

I’ve been meaning to give this a go. Was the movie of the same name any good? If I watch the series, should I watch the movie first (or at all)?

3:36 PM

Can you truly call Fury Road a cult movie? Honest question here. I know the definition can be a little loose at times, but it did receive near universal praise and killed it at the box office. I mean, Logan’s black and white version should be on this list then.

3:14 PM

It’s a straight up slapstick ish comedy and while I totally agree, those hardly ever get a nomination. Like The Good Place is loved and wins other awards, but Emmy wise not so much.

3:07 PM

Corey, we are honored you took time of out your busy schedule being a dishonest fuckwit to grace us with your comments.

2:40 PM

This is a psychiatric issue, not a "food issue." Not sure exactly how to classify it, but I'm surprised nobody has medicated her for it.

1:06 PM

I might suggest AP/Reuters since the majority of networks, print publications, and websites are really just serving up AP stories with their own particular spin.

Bonus, their sites are paywall and commentary free.

12:39 PM

Trump and his toadies creates conflict and outrage. And, as they say, if it bleeds it leads. CNN et. al. will stop bringing these fucks on air when their ratings seriously tank enough to make it a waste of money for large corporations to buy ads. But, since cable news is basically a branch of the PR departments of the

11:18 AM

CNN is bad in many ways, but the idea that it’s anti-Trump or anti-Republicans is absurd. They bend over backwards to air pro-Trump conservative viewpoints, no matter how dumb or obviously false they are.

10:31 AM

This is just more pandering to “CNN is liberal fake news!” assholes.

10:17 AM

Don’t watch cable news until they behave with more integrity.

9:59 AM

From what I did watch of the proceedings yesterday, I was struck how similar to a second-tier mobster on trial Lewandowski sounded with his “Youse guys can’t touch me. I’m protected!” responses.