Murry Chang
23 min ago

Very suspicious. Who needs to drive 300 miles to buy drugs? And any mid to high-level dealer who does business directly out of his residence or goes to major transactions alone would've been killed long before now. 

1 hr ago

I’d love to find a cheap Chinese place that also isn’t full of grease and stuff. Cheap takeout is...not healthy, to say the least. But this is pretty bad as a way to do it. Read more

2 hrs ago

Aziraphale and Crowley aren’t gay. They literally are incapable of sexual feelings or relationships. The more you push the idea that any two men who are close friends and respect each other’s feelings are gay, the more you support toxic masculinity.

12:54 PM

I’m trying to die with as much debt as possible to burden my estate and deny assets to my descendents, so your advice is useless! Try again, passive-aggressive Internet “helper”!

11:22 AM

Modern black communities aren’t systemically disenfranchised because of some literal cabal of racists keeping them down, they’re systemically disenfranchised because they’re poverty-stricken with little possibility of tangible improvement.

You could eradicate all the racism in the world and they’d still struggle all Read more

12:27 AM

Apparently there’s a very thin line thong between empowerment and trash.

7:23 PM

That combined level of nuclear thirstiness could prove dangerous.

4:44 PM

Apparently there’s a very thin line between empowerment and trash.

3:46 PM

You’re right. This isn’t body positivity. This feels like somebody starving for validation and willing to circus sideshow herself to get it. This just makes me sad. Somebody has to tell her you don’t have to be on all the time. Just wear regular clothes and enjoy the game.

2:40 PM

There’s body positivity and there’s just ridiculousness. There’s fat acceptance and there’s propriety at any size. This ensemble was completely inappropriate for this venue; she was not on a stage! She should have been ticketed for indecent exposure.