You are right. IT’S A Coupé  Read more

As someone who daily drives a 991.2 for the last year (16k miles and counting), I can tell you these cupholders are straight trash. Very happy that the 992 has a proper one.  Read more

Physician here, I am pretty sure those are strands of mucus.  Read more

Used to have a 99 Coupe , with an LSD and 6MT. Currently drive a 991.2 PDK C2 daily, and have a 981 GTS with a 6MT/X73 for the weekend. Still miss that 996 VERY much...neither of my current cars feel even remotely as “engaging”. Read more

As someone who daily drives/tracks a 991.2, I am happy about the new cupholder. It gets really annoying dealing with the “T Rex arms” on a daily basis. Read more

The engine mounts moved 20mm. The engine itself did not move at all. Read more

Plenty of videos on youtube.  Read more

Yup. Give it 6 months, many will change their tune.  Read more

I own a 981 GTS and a 991.2, both of which see the track regularly. Read more

LOL I guess. I’m no designer, what do I know? Read more

Yup. The design team’s job is likely exceedingly do you change an icon without changing an icon?  Read more

Current 991 & 981 owner, and really...I am more interested in what they do to the interior than anything else. Read more

As a 981 GTS owner, I support this. What is it the kids say these days? You only live once? ;)
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I am in a similar situation. Current owner of a 981 Cayman GTS, have my eyes on the 982 Spyder. Dealer has me as #1, so fingers crossed. Here’s to hoping it has the right engine (current speculation is 4.0L, 420ish HP, 8k RPM redline). Early mules seem to be running GT4 wheels/tires/brakes and likely suspension, so Read more

Don’t think so...pretty sure his car is white and he lives in Boston... Read more

In my experience, most people don’t even know what the heck my car is. I’ve heard all kinds of wild guesses. My Cayman GTS doesn’t have any badges on the trunk, but it retains the GTS sticker on the door...the most common thing I hear is “is that one of them new GTS cars?!” (no manufacturer specified). I usually just Read more

I never had a personalized plate before, but sprang for one when I bought my dream car last September. I suppose some would cringe or find it pretentious...but then, who cares?