Feb 20 2014

I tried to respond to a post earlier tonight regarding parenting, and, as I was typing, the post was deleted. But, I liked what I wrote, so I guess it just goes here... Read more

Jan 26 2014

It's dreadfully cold tonight. I made a pot of red lentil soup with lemon, did a facial mask with LittleMuffinGirl, watched SpongeBob with LittleMuffinBoy, and read and commented on a zillion or so GroupThink posts. Read more

Jan 20 2014

This is a test post. Kinja seems to be doing strange things, so I figured I'd try this... Here goes!

Jan 19 2014

I just requested authorship access tonight. I'm kind of scared and kind of excited. If I don't get authorship this time, I know there will be other chances, but this is really different than anything I've done before. Well, here's to hoping!!