Jan 23 2017

It’s been two fucking days since the march. Can they live? I’ve seen nothing but links and articles like this since Saturday. Damn - chill out. People are trying to educate themselves and make their next moves.

Jan 23 2017

I guess my question to this is: what if the answer to this question is “no, you won’t”? Then what? What if, hypothetically, I marched for reproductive rights, and I disagreed with literally everything else that other people were there for? Did I not belong there, then? Who’s the gatekeeper to a “women’s march” who Read more

Jan 23 2017

Agreed. An activists job at a large successful action is not to whine about why the people who showed up weren’t at the previous actions, but to do something — other than whining — to make sure as many of them as possible come back to the next one. This article is not helpful.

Jan 23 2017

Yeah, that’ll make the first-time marchers feel great. Can we stop picking at people who gave enough of a shit to come out and march in January, and then tell them it isn’t good enough? I think all women need to be respectful of the new-to-protest women who are now galvanized. Coming together on commonalities and Read more

Jan 1 2017

As I sit here fighting my almost 6 month older eat her damn bottle can say that this list is spot on. I peed every 45 minutes, I was convinced the heartburn was a fire inside me trying to kill me, a spent 9 months congested and having nose bleeds. Being pregnant made me even more pro-choice. It’s so fucking hard, no Read more

Jan 1 2017

I’m a terrible preggo, didn’t even know feta was supposedly off-limits and I eat it fairly frequently. I also eat the occasional hot dog, tuna, sushi, and deli meat, drink a cup of coffee daily and a quarter glass of wine once or twice a week. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Read more

Oct 1 2016

I will. We dated for a year and got married. I discovered he was a raging alcoholic about 6 weeks after the wedding. He did a great job hiding it while we dated and I did a great job ignoring the warning signs. We went into couple’s therapy where I unlocked some issues I needed to work on and he decided he didn’t want Read more

Sep 30 2016

I could not give a single shit about these randos BUT I haven’t thought about Lonelygirl in literally YEARS and am so happy to be reminded of that. That was such a crazy time on YouTube. Read more

Sep 5 2016

I have a serious phobia of bees. People telling me stop moving while I’m in the midst of a panic attack is not helpful. And my lizard brain that thinks I’m about to be harmed does not give a fuck about how great bees are for the environment.

Sep 4 2016

So that’s intimidation, threats, and harassment, right? Like, in my mind there’s protesting and then there’s writing slogans about murdering or mutilating someone and then standing outside their home with weapons. But I guess it’s cool this time because reasons. What will be the tone of the comments section if someone Read more

Sep 4 2016

Yeah, I’m really not ok with this. I don’t care how right you are I can’t get behind mob justice. This is the 2016 version of torch-wielding villagers. If anything, those protesters should be in front of the judge’s house, he’s the one with the actual power required to bring about such a miscarriage of justice. Sure Read more

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Sep 4 2016

Yeah...... I feel like this is really not ok. Maybe planting a yard sign or something, but *armed* protestors? Adding guns to any emotionally charged gathering is a recipe for disaster. I just hope that he slinks off with his tail between his legs and no one gets shot.

Jun 6 2016

Man. I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised that the comments on this article are so different to the comments on last week’s Constance Wu/whitewashing article, but I am. Basically, it appears that “chill the fuck out” is the consensus here. The one movie of the year about a person with a serious disability — not Read more