Mar 29 2019

Reclining your seat is just rude to the person behind you anyhoe.  Don’t be ‘That Guy’!

Jan 11 2019

100% Overcast. Apple Carplay support is perfect (Pocket Casts has a lot of complaints there), the “Smart Speed” dynamic time and “Voice Boost” level compression settings are very flexible for all sorts of casts. I don’t need an app to tell me what to listen to - but it’s not like that feature doesn’t function at all Read more

Mar 3 2017

Uninstalling Yelp. I will not support this ridiculous pc shit.

Aug 29 2014

In my experience, the best place to drop the cash indicator is in your counter offer. Ask them what their "best offer" is. After that give a firm offer and make note of the fact that it's a cash offer. Read more

Aug 19 2014

Man commits theft. Returns to scene of theft and steals again. Police confront man (guns not drawn). Man pulls a knife, cops draw their weapons. Man refuses to drop the knife when ordered to do so multiple times by police. Man asks cops to shoot/kill him. Man approaches police officers with knife in a threatening Read more