Sandwiches! Sandwiches! Barely even human! Read more

I bet this cost like, 200 K stars.

Had no idea who this was, but she looks freakin' amazing.

You are my absolute favorite person right now. Read more

Whoa, her instagram kind of freaks me out... Is there a color scheme? I'm still not convinced that she's an actual person. Read more

Oh my god, this is my favorite thread everrrrrr. Read more

I'm pretty sure I walked past John Cho on the street earlier this week. If that wasn't him, I'm sorry to the super sexy John Cho lookalike I stared down like a huge fucking creep. Bless you and your well-tailored ensemble. Read more

I have no opinion on the controversy, really, I just like butts. Read more

Yeah, the app tells you who your driver is. I think it also emails you a receipt, but that might just be lyft. I hate Lyft more because it's generally cheaper, but when they have surge rates, they tell you the multiplier but don't offer an estimate. Read more

This is the best thing I've seen all day. Read more

Wow, I usually don't reply to anything on here, but I tooootally feel you. My keeping-it-cool quota for the year is already filled. Godddamn. Read more

I know, right? That monk is bangin' hot. Read more

Someone 'shop in an eclair STAT.