Nov 19

They may have a point about Parlor. I read an article about the app on Huffpost (I think, I read a lot so😅) the rest of it. Idk. I don’t put anything past people.

Nov 12

This is beyond sick. The deleting of the records with the city permission. I'm at a loss for words. 

Oct 19

That’s where oversite from congress is supposed to step in. But we all know how that goes, for right now anyway. Vote vote vote!

Oct 9

Yea and I’m sure he voted a straight republican ticket. I personally do not trust Shaq at all. He showed me who he is long ago. I hope more people are waking up. 🦝 

Oct 2

My great grandmother raised James Patterson. Yes, that James Patterson. He even has (allegedly) a big ass picture of her in his home because he loved her so so much. Yea. BS. 

Oct 1

They used Michael Steele as a foil to Obama and when they saw they didn’t need him anymore, they got rid of his ass. He pulled in more money for them than ny other RNC chair. But that didn’t matter to them cause he’s black. Sad part is they fired him writing a book and supposedly making money off them. But then soon Read more

Sep 29

After watching that episode, I cried. I felt Hippolta deep in my soul. It brought out my creativity, my joy, and most of all my rage. Truly a gem of an episode.

Sep 24

Damn right. I’m voting in person. I’m not playing, masked and gloved ready to cast my ballot. And I will have my chair just in case I have to wait. I’ve already requested the whole day off. Nothing will keep me from voting!

Sep 16

The powers that be want the pay to be secret so that you can’t prove discrimination. Nor are you in a good bargaining position because you don't know what others are making. It's win win for the companies and shit for the workers but that is America.

Sep 11

Whelp. Fuck the NFL. America doesn't deserve football or any sports for that matter. I'm at fuck it all. Voting is my sport now.