Mar 30 2019

It’s not sad, it’s fucking pathetic. This guy is so fucking weak and unintelligent he is running around more than 40 years later still using kindergarten insults. And still so completely fucking emasculated by it, he has to put “I WAS A MUHREEN, YOU HAVE TO RUHSPECT MAH” stickers all over everything. Read more

Mar 30 2019

the point is they weren’t really our “enemy.” Every conflict we got into post-WWII was a proxy war against the Soviet Union. the “red scare,” the “domino effect,” all bullshit. the Soviet Union would have collapsed on its own.  

Mar 30 2019

everything that’s transpired in the US over the past couple of decades has been nothing more than the Boomers throwing temper tantrum after temper tantrum.  They take credit for everything good about this country after WWII and shove blame for everything bad onto the generations which came after them. 

Dec 5 2018

While I’m no fan of the Wrangler or FCA, it’s bullshit a car’s safety rating is downgraded because it doesn’t have automous systems. A vehicle is not inherently less safe due to a lack of driver aids. Why? Because people fucking ignore them. Just last night someone cut me off while I saw their mirror flashing with the Read more

Dec 5 2018

You got him to trade in a tuff reliable Toyota for a VW? dafuq?

Sep 26 2018

All I can say is good. Anyone who rolls coal, or enables the ability to roll coal, should be thrown in jail or fined into bankruptcy. Read more

Sep 26 2018

Hot take:  All full size pickups are ugly.  Buy the one that is priced the best and has the most convenient dealership or the best warranty.

Sep 25 2018

Lambos don’t get a free pass. Visibility is noted as being extremely poor in just about every supercar review that didn’t appear on Top Gear. It’s just that, it’s difficult for a car laid out like a Lamborghini to have good rearwards visibility. We all know this. Lamborghini knows it. It’s not really an issue most of Read more

Sep 24 2018

And this is precisely why we need driving tests (written and ride along) for EVERY motorist EVERY 5 years. Plan and simple.

Sep 23 2018

David Tracy still hasn’t given up his hopes on this Jeep.

Sep 22 2018

That would require a lot of logistics that I am not prepared to do, like moving to the south, buying many camouflage clothing items, naming kids Bubba and Loulou, frying all my food, including salads, in lard, and putting gun racks in every room of the house, including the nursery, which is just a rusted out shed with Read more