Dec 24 2017

They are 4-11. That was the first time all year his teammates actually blocked someone.

Aug 20 2015

Clearly Obama has contracted the Sun to destroy our society quicker than he can by himself.

Aug 4 2015

Humanity will be wiped clean by then and it’ll be like soccer never existed. Then when a new life form evolves over millions of years they will find this simulation and this guy will again be declared a nerd.

Apr 30 2015

I actually don’t find the F-35 more aesthetically pleasing than the X-32. If it were up to me everything would be F-14s.

Mar 12 2015

That last tidbit is especially interesting, but a little shaky, in my opinion. Since the CR-Z was such a flop, it doesn't make a ton of marketing sense to give that name to the long-awaited performance Civic (the current Si doesn't really count.) Honda could do better by giving it its own identity. Read more

Jan 18 2015

That's a lot of trickery and deception. Pete calls that play "Building 7."

Dec 16 2014

Really hard to be interested in a game where the whole point of it existing is for the fact of just pissing people off. Read more

Dec 15 2014

Best thing to do is just ignore it. The less attention this game gets (we're failing here) the better. The devs wants controversy to happen because that's about the only way they're going to get any real exposure to their game. They have nothing interesting to really show off aside from extreme violence and they know Read more

Jun 2 2013

So ESPN won't show idiots on the field but they'll show bitches?