May 21 2018

but the Saab 9-7x key location stands out as the most cynical, half-assed, pandering single act of engineering the General has done.

May 15 2018

They need to revamp their image and start catering to a younger crowd. I think Harley is too old school for that ICQ/MySpace era. Read more

Aug 9 2017

When I first saw this movie, I remember thinking how weird it was to see a modified Jetta of all cars.

Jun 15 2017

These cars were pretty good for what they were meant to be: big comfy cruisers with lots of room inside. Bulletproof 3.8, easy to drive and operate...they were nice full size sedans for people who didn’t want a stressful driving experience. And that’s OK, not everyone needs or wants a BMW E36.

Feb 9 2017

This list is wrong because it’s lacking:

Nov 3 2016

All except this one (this one is definitely doing it right! - viper drivetrain to boot!)

Oct 1 2016

Pretty stark contrast between the two for sure. Mustang dude is a fucking tool. But here’s what also strikes me: the kind of people that take their kids to a cars and coffee then line the streets to watch the cars leave are almost certainly some level of enthusiast. At this point if you are into cars enough to find Read more

Sep 26 2016

So this means it’s not like he’s stuck in second gear anymore

Sep 19 2016

The answer to this questions and/or topic is always Subaru Impreza Casa Blanca.

Sep 7 2016

I would think that Garak would like not to be mentioned. After all, what contributions can a humble tailor provide?

Aug 16 2016

The best part about PC gaming is buying games 6 months after release for half the price after all the bugs have been worked out. If you absolutely must have a game on day-1, then bugs and glitches are to be expected. This is not limited to PC gaming, but the launch related bugs are exacerbated because of the crazy