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I guess there’s just a vas deferens in our levels of humor.
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Tell your mom to teach her child some manners Read more

Bit of a leap of logic there bud. Read more

0:16-0:20 is funny as fuck in any language. Read more

I see this happen from time to time in competitive Rocket League. Unless it’s a really important match, if a player drops out the opposing team usually plays more chivalrously while waiting for the player to jump back in.
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Are you seriously a Mario Kart snob? Believe me when I tell you this, dude, the world has more pity for you than you have for casuals.
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Remember this deal for a free game when you bought MK8? (I picked Wind Waker.) If they did that again I’d buy it for sure, even if it was just smaller titles this time around like Shovel Knight or Snipper Clips.

For some good examples of this kind of stuff, there is a guy on YT who has torn apart Paper Mario looking for glitches. He has a ton of videos about how that title handles getting to places early and how that works with triggers, and also how things like skipping a chapter and then going back and retriggering it Read more

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This is such a nerdy article, going into such ridiculous levels of detail. I absolutely love it. More like this, please :) Read more

I would like to remind everyone that this is not censorship and that Playtonic as a private business has the right to express itself as they see fit. If they do not wish to include voice work by a controversial figure in their video game that is well within their right. Jon’s free speech was not violated in any way

high-school aged Korean kids...
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That’s awesome, Gita. You’ve got some really cool horses there! I really, really love getting lost in Hyrule, and how the game lets me spend as much time as I want on whatever I set my mind on doing. Read more

i miss mine, i had gotten just over 9.6 mil (i walk a lot at work, 20-25k steps a day). i was excited that i was almost maxed when i was going out i was looking for it. turns out it was in one of my pants the washing machine :(
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It’s been out for PS4 and it’s a cross-buy game too. Read more