Sep 17 2018

Hamar! How are you?! (This is Zarnyx/Z.) It’s been a long time and I’m happy to see your handle around these parts. How is the little one? Last I remember you were doing a series on building the super cool Mario Kart garage! I hope things are well with you and thanks for sharing this really cool piece with us. Awesome Read more

Sep 16 2018

That’s awesome! I love seeing the stuff Nintendo made before games, and you can definitely see the inspiration for Duck Hunt, and even the Wii, in these old toys!

Feb 6 2018

Yo, it’s been a while. Went through a bunch of my old discussions and stumbled across this again. Read more

Jan 7 2018

I have a weird 2-tone controller not pictured here. Purple, but with silver button plates and a weird looking glittery silver chord. Came bundled with my system. Can send pics if requested. Have not been able to find a pic of anything like it, maybe a manufacturing anomaly?

Sep 19 2017

Can’t wait to see Arsenal sponsored by “Left for Dead”.

Jul 7 2017

I wanted to also mention there is a spongebob controller for the gamecube.

Apr 24 2017

I see this happen from time to time in competitive Rocket League. Unless it’s a really important match, if a player drops out the opposing team usually plays more chivalrously while waiting for the player to jump back in.

Apr 19 2017

Are you seriously a Mario Kart snob? Believe me when I tell you this, dude, the world has more pity for you than you have for casuals.

Apr 19 2017

Remember this deal for a free game when you bought MK8? (I picked Wind Waker.) If they did that again I’d buy it for sure, even if it was just smaller titles this time around like Shovel Knight or Snipper Clips.

Apr 11 2017

For some good examples of this kind of stuff, there is a guy on YT who has torn apart Paper Mario looking for glitches. He has a ton of videos about how that title handles getting to places early and how that works with triggers, and also how things like skipping a chapter and then going back and retriggering it Read more