Jun 29

And that’s how I knew I had officially become Old™: when I looked at a car, said to my wife that it looked nice, then realized that it was a Buick.

Jun 17

Over under on this car taking out the Black Lives Matter car.

Jun 13

As someone who has never had the vaccine, this might seem like I’m saying this from an ivory tower... but at least it’s not the old vaccine! The one with an absurd amount of shots directly into your abdomen.

Jun 9

Sounds like this place was abandoned around 700, so well before the plague. But it would have had centuries of decline following the fall of the Western Roman Empire. I don’t know the exact history, but presumably they were dealing with decreased trade and more dangerous roads, and maybe even raids on the town itself.

Jun 8

he’s probably teaching them actual wood working skills, and the value of doing a job right and not half assed :D

Jun 3

And I was able to build it back when they allowed tax stamps to be issues to corporations. I have an 11.5” lightweight BCM upper on it now, but my stamp is for a 10.5” barrel, so I can go shorter if I want. I built the lower myself on a stripped Noveske N4 frame that I got for cheaps because it was “blemished”.

Apr 23

So I guess she’ll be perfectly employable as a semi-truck driver by the time she’s 18 and we’re ready to kick her out of the house? Hmm, not a bad plan! 

Mar 8

Warning: pure speculation ahead. Breasts are an external marker of fertility in females. We consciously recognized this from early on. I imagine the correlation between breast size and an assumed level of fertility came from a very reductive, pre-scientific,more be must better” mindset. Read more

Feb 24

I know a friend of a friend who sells BMWs in NoVA.  I can’t remember what dealership he’s at but I will find out and let you know.  

Feb 20

I was thinking more of nightmare to work on. Something from VW, like a late 90s Jetta from the rust belt. You either can’t break the fasteners loose, or you break them off. And everything is needlessly complicated and expensive to replace. Read more