Aug 10

Also all the dumb fuck tacticool guys with the skull bandanna face masks.

Aug 10

Fuck off, racist trumpturd. You are as stupid and cowardly as your pathetic leader. Flagged and dismissed.

Aug 9

don’tburnthings1 is dontchokeonyourwoke, just so you know. He started a new account because almost everyone here knew what he was about and was dismissing his responses without clapping back, which he hates, hell all trolls hate. If their vomit is ignored, how can they expect to get the attention that their families Read more

Aug 8

This is so insulting she should have a few more years tacked onto her sentence. 

Aug 8

Ahhh yes the “justifiable” murder of Fred Hampton. Where O’Neill poisoned him with so many barbiturates Hampton fell asleep mid-sentence, police smashed in while everyone was asleep, shooting up the place, and after identifying Hampton shot him twice in the head. Read more

Aug 7

They need to fire his ass immediately. He knew what he was doing. He is a grown ass man. Fuck that. Sometimes I you lose your job when you do dumb shit. This is one of those times. 

Aug 7

Dipshit troll tried some weird juxtaposition/whataboutism to get me to ungrey it. My dismiss button is like a stake through the heart of energy vampires like that. And I’m feeling stab happy.

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Aug 7

Too much of this shit happens and we’re supposed to take it on good faith that they didn’t know better. People probably think I’m being too harsh but I’d say zero tolerance. He had his arm straight, with the fingers out and everything. How is that a modified elbow bump? And then he turned around and did it to the

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Aug 6

I suspect this is more of his attempts to look ‘tough’ on China. The problem being, the moron doesn’t understand that China outright owns roughly half the US economy. You can’t be ‘tough’ on someone who owns half your body. The only thing you accomplish is punishing yourself. Read more