It looks good from some angles, but I really don’t like the front 3/4. It’s like a BMW grew a mustache and is just weirdly tall front end as a whole considering the profile of the car

Might be difficult. EVs tend to have low centers of gravity. Read more

This is actually the only way this could be a NP, assuming you can find a buyer for a running but likely needs-overhaul turbine at $18,000. Might be a fun car with a well-built VW engine and a sticker-ectomy. Read more

Turbine isn’t connected to the drivetrain at all, it’s just providing thrust if the article is to be believed. Which honestly kinda sucks. Read more

I think this is literally the only person who should buy this. Someone with a large enough monetized YouTube channel that they could make money on the purchase by driving this on video. Read more

Yeah, it's obviously the left that's easily triggered, lol. Certainly not the people banning books, getting upset about pronouns in video games, and a billion other examples. Obviously. Read more

It’s just that some people can easily spot stupid assholes. Bob did just that. Read more

Actually, I’m going to give him credit for the sticker for the following reasons: Read more

Freedom of speech give him the ability to say what he wants and live with the repercussions of that speech. My freedom includes criticism of his speech Read more

The “Let’s Go Brandon Sticker” tells me that the seller isn’t very bright. Owning & operating a jet-powered car is probably one of many bad decisions. Read more

Pull the jet engine and sell it separately.  Then put a VW engine in the rear as it should have and actually sell the car.  There’s your winning combo.   Read more

which they claim has taken the car to 60 miles per hour in a parking lot Read more

But Google doesn't have a legal liability since they aren't in charge of road safety. Maps is a convenience service, not an official entity of road safety. Read more

Shouldn’t be up to google who is providing a free service to be responsible for keeping you safe driving. The property owner of the bridge, whoever that may be, should be the one who is held liable as there were no signs or barricades. I had read that there was confusion on who actually owned it. Regardless, this is Read more

I understand the impulse to just brush this off because “oh, well all comedians embellish for comic effect”. That was my gut reaction too. But this is a little more than that. For starters, Minhaj is one of those comedians who doesn’t even really tell jokes. He’s a clapter comic who goes up on stage to make points for Read more

If you are a man (or woman) of modest means who needs transportation, and lives in an area where all wheel drive gets you through the winter, why not? Read more

I honestly have no idea what constitutes a good price on a used car in 2023, apparently. I immediately saw 148K on a Dodge and went ‘oh, hell no.’ Then I looked up what similar ones are selling for. NP for the market, but ND for me. Read more

Just because that was spent making this, doesn’t mean it is worth that. This is a five grand frankencar weirdo project.
Read more

This. Minis are fun, but a reliability hornet’s nest, buyer beware. And the roof line on this one just looks.. weird. Like someone put it in the crusher, had second thoughts, and took it back out. Read more

So the logo itself is the same, they just changed the chrome to white. Got it. Read more