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3:12 PM

So people, after some deliberation, I think there’s one more trip I can recommend for a future spring Eurooppomeet: Hungary :-) Yes it’s my country, so I wouldn’t travel far and see brand new places, but that’s also a good thing, as I’m here to do all the recce runs we’ll need. Plus translations :-D

3:55 PM

Absolutely. This is the style you have to look out for, as this is available in both imperial (15") and metric (390mm) sizes...

1:56 PM

The 4*140 bolt pattern is shared between extremly few automobiles, namely the RWD Peugeot family (504, 604, 505), and the Subaru Leone family. Also maybe the Alpine 110 and 310. Read more

6:03 PM

You know there was never ever ever a 4cyl Supra, right? 20i is of course a 4cyl 2.0 turbo, so putting that into the new Supra would positively ruin the reputation and legacy. Which is completely different from the Mustang, as the Mustang built on an attainable starting price, while Supra started as the upgrade on the Read more

10:19 AM

Thanks for the great report, having already sampled (but not properly driven) the Z4, I’m looking forward to mabe driving the Supre too. Two notes though: Read more

8:47 AM

Although I might have specified better, but I didn’t mean the V40 was bad. I said it wasn’t special. As the Eurpean market it was sold on has abundant of choice in this segment, and I mean abundant, there are close to thirty 5 door hachbacks out there, being “not bad” is really only good enough for top 20 in my book. Read more

1:39 AM

Anyone lamenting the dieing of the V40 hasn’t driven one most likely. It really isn’t anything special. Not agile, not spacious and not having much of a boot either, and really not interesting to drive. There was a T5 of course, turbo 5pot, but it was auto only, with no off mode for the esp. Read more

1:34 PM

Here’s a suggestion: let the group venture behind the former iron curtain this time! I live in Hungary, but despite the relatively short distances, most of these places I haven’t driven to myself, so can’t completely vouch for the roads. Still, as culture, hiking and mountains go, I think the Tatras deserve a vote!

4:11 PM

I love you Jason, and yes, a Coupé normally is something with two doors. However, the idea that it can be something with quattro portes is older, than the CLS.

4:56 PM

The answer to this question hasn’t been bettered since 1985. Mine reliably gets 31.3 mpg US, if my converting skills are working, while revving to 7200 without question, and beeing an all around drivers car.

3:30 PM

It’s a Fiat Ulysse from 2004. 2.2 diesel with 6speed manual, which might sound like interesting for US folks, but it isn’t. However, a great workhorse and family wagon it certainly is! Can even tow 1850kg...

9:33 AM

The Tagora is great choice for a meh car, because it is a quintessential meh car. However, if you want to know how good it could have been, just drive a V6 604. Spoiler: it’s great.

11:17 AM

Ummm Raph, PSA, the company who just bought Opel, and the one you referenced in the Buick/Opel quip does not own, include, or is related to Renault. PSA is Peugeot, Citroën and DS, also encompassing the late Talbot and Simca. So basically PSA is any French make that isn’t Renault or Alpine. Or Matra. Or Panhard. Or