Mormon Night Snake
9:53 PM

Please if medical stuff freaks you out avoid anything slightly related on the Internet. It can really mess with your head. The point of the article that is upsetting you is to upset people. So it did exactly what the author intended.

9:50 PM

I am so sorry that you are so alone in life that you have no close friends to fill that void. I guess it's just easier for some people to make a supportive social network.

9:39 PM

No offense but this is a case of the Internet creating a sense of false hysteria where none is needed. It’s like webmd convincing someone that they have cancer. If she is planning this pregnancy with her partner, why wouldn't he be there to take up the slack and give her whatever break she needed? Even if she were Read more

9:14 PM

You're anticipating having mr carbs around to help? If so there is no reason he can't step up and take up whatever slack you need. The thing that is freaking you out is something I had to fight for.

1:56 PM

Please don’t pretend like this will have a negative effect on all women when the truth is that will only affect a small number of already marginalized women. Read more

6:08 PM

LOL. I realize it’s a bit unusual. But hey, I figured it was worth asking! GTers tend to come through for each other in a pinch...that’s how I got my roommate!
Read more

9:42 PM

At my school this week, a squirrel jumped off a tree branch, landed on a student eating lunch, bit her nose, then stole her sandwich.

9:57 PM

I don’t see cutting toxic people out of your life as “burning bridges”. The implication of that phrase to me is that you’re doing irreparable damage to relationships that could have benefited you at a later time. Cutting toxic people out of your life is necessary for your own mental health and is totally beneficial to Read more

4:43 PM

Well, I didn’t have the money. Unfortunately, at the same time my ex was getting very physically abusive, my company was sold and the new company messed up my pay. I eventually quit over it and am still trying to get the thousands of dollars the company owes me. I was getting help from the local domestic violence org, Read more