Mork Encino's Thick Pelt
Jul 31

Okay, I’m fully convinced that Tilda Swindon is the best person to play Maxwell. She’s got the hair, the accent, the amazing acting talent, etc. I bet she’d be a better Maxwell than Maxwell. Read more

Jul 29

No joke: bookstores and libraries are full of deviants and weirdos! And that’s just the people working there (I keed)! But seriously: there are all kinds of people that come into the bookstores and libraries to use the internet, computers, free wifi, restrooms, furniture, etc. Some of them are criminals. When I was Read more

Jul 23

My three year old wears a mask. Has never fought it. Hell, he even reminds us (even though we already know) once we get to the store.  He has literally no issue with it.  He knows why we’re wearing it.  He understands social distance.   So please don’t pool children in with the anti-mask crowd.  

Jul 23

My 5 year old wears his mask when told to do so without complaint. This is a nation of adult-babies.

Jul 20

Den Hollander “was found dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound hours later” in Rockland, New York.” Read more

Jul 16

Ah, the good old days, when the NFL pregame show was a mere 30 minutes long and treated the pivotal week 6 clash between the Broncos and Bills as a football game and not a watershed moment in American culture.

Jul 15

It is appalling that Kayne West’s wife and relatives are obviously not getting him the help he needs. If they care about him they will do everything they can to shut this all down.

Jul 15

For those of you who might call her out as a snowflake, I invite you to do some more research. Start with an episode of HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumblebee on her history before she was an NBA star. Read more

Jul 1

The perfect choice to co-host the gala would have realized that holding it during a pandemic was not a good idea.

Jun 30

What counts is that she’s progressive compared to McConnell. If she beats him, it’ll all be worth it. While it would have been nice for Booker to have won, McGrath is a isn't short shrift for Kentucky. 

Jun 30

I don’t think Ashley (though she’s certainly not alone among Jez writers) understands how actual politics works, like with strategy and stuff. Or she does but she’s morally opposed to it or something. As if being morally opposed to something means it suddenly stops being real. Read more

Jun 30

This is for a Senate seat in Kentucky, Ashley - Not in New York or California...Jesus. Your sentence sums it up perfectly: “She supports the Affordable Care Act and wants to get McConnell out of Congress, what more can we ask for? Read more