the f*ck I gave went that way

Can’t get too gender specific around these parts.  Read more

‘Working within the system’ isnt working, as you might have noticed, so yeah, more radical options should be weighed. In the mathematical limit, the Electoral College allows 21% of the population to pick a winner. Constitutional Amendment can be blocked by <10% of the population. And the Senate filibuster allows 10% Read more

If a fucking Democrat is voting to confirm Kavanaugh like fucking Joe Manchin is, then the Dems are absolutely to blame! How is this hard to grasp!? Get out of this fucking useless mentality that anyone with a D next to their name is the good guy and needs your support because they’re fucking over everyone just like Read more

It’s the job of the party and the candidate to get people to vote for them.  It’s not the job of every disaffected left-leaning flake to toe the line in order to drag them over the finish line.  Put the blame where it belongs. Read more

The Democrats would be in power if they weren’t spineless, disconnected, feckless tools who are too busy sniffing their own farts to realize they have been getting their asses whipped for 10 years. Stop blaming the people who came out to vote despite not liking their choices. Read more

Let’s not overgeneralize. Kavanaugh is highly unpopular among white women too. We don’t need this kind of infighting if we wanna defeat Trump.  Read more

She was humiliated on global scale and will be treated like a punchline for the rest of her life. He had to wait a few extra weeks to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Read more

They are just incapable of believing a woman’s story. One of the most amazing things is that they got Mitchell to use herself as a human shield and Grassley is still interjecting his hateful sexism.
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Get informed. Each year churches send something on the order of $200Bil in cash and kind to foreign countries. That does not count foreign aid. Mexican oligarchs, African dictators and garden variety international gangsters know a good thing when they see it. They turn the US into their welfare system or hustle. Read more

The Odd Couple? to a lesser extent Holmes and Watson, Batman & Robin ... and oddly enough, a large chunk of the globe. It seems to me that we Americans have a particular moral hangup for the cosmetic or surface appearance for homosexual interaction. Read more

That’s great, but I am so sick of the weird tumblr trend of ace kids deciding that gay people are asexual. No Isaac Newton was not ace. Neither was the cross dressing president. Do not erase gays in your attempt to find asexual representation. Read more

I quite appreciate the innocence of their friendship, free from sexual expectations. Like Samwise and Frodo. Boys grow up often in such a hyper-masculine way (discouraged from showing emotion, “man up”, being tough, playing sports, etc.) that seeing close friendships between boys who disagree and then communicate Read more

You realize that there is porn of every conceivable category for every conceivable taste for every conceivable race and every conceivable gender, all available on the internet? Not everything is racist. Not surprised since the majority of writers on Splinter think that they’re the most woke and correct on everything Read more

And then made up the wrong apartment story to cover up. Read more

Honestly, focusing on individual actions when you have an entire system devoted to the consumption of junk food—with extensive marketing campaigns and an army of lobbyists pressuring the government to do absolutely nothing—is somewhat futile. Read more

There’s a million things one can point to about American lifestyles that help to drive obesity, from our refusal to walk anywhere to our national addiction to refined sugars. One thing that doesn’t get as much mention as it probably should: poverty tends to lead to obesity. Over-processed, sugar-and-fat-laden food is Read more

Have you looked into eating a ketogenic diet? I quit soda about 5 years ago, dropped 30 pounds. Started keto about 3 months ago and dropped more and have a lot more energy and feel great! Read more

Can’t wait till tomorrow’s article about how courageous it is of a magazine to put a fatty on the cover. No one needs to be shamed but we also shouldn’t be accepting or promoting this as a lifestyle. If we can blame companies for making crappy tasty food then we can put blame on the people eating it too. Read more

Then there'd be an article by Rafi about how an officer forcefully grabbed an 11 year old girl... It just never ends here. Read more

And that’s been widely covered. You can’t throw a stick without hitting a legal analysis on a mainstream media website that say “this looks like murder to me.” And, by the way, the grand jury will have every opportunity to upgrade the charge to murder. It’s a fairly standard prosecutorial tactic to start with a charge Read more