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They look pretty good, Fujiko's actress is somewhat lacking in the oppai department compared to the character but really, that was to be expected.

I'll have to see Fujiko's bust line before I approve.

Go back and watch the first Toy Story again. Hell, even the second. Woody is an ASSHOLE. Even with their edits, in the first movie, he is still the worst. Read more

+1 for the use of cromulent in a serious social discussion. Read more

As far as I know "Eskimo" is a perfectly cromulent term which refers to the mix of various First Nations peoples in Alaska, as opposed to the Innu and Inuit next door in Canada. YMMV on my half-remembered nomenclature. Read more

I guess you can say that,
he isn't mad at Chu.

*Braces for head slaps* Read more

That's 10a: Put Alan Rickman in your movie. Read more

"You're the best! THE BEH-EST! Nothing's ever gonna keep ya down!" Read more

Your comment makes me think of an encounter I had once while working at Toys R Us. Allow me to set the scene. Madden 2007 has just released. A HUGE black guy walks in. He's wearing a sports jersey, a sports theme'd cap on backwards, athletic shorts, and he's got about 5 pounds of gold around his neck.

The second I see Read more

The fact that you can't figure out that he's talking about doing a live read for the purpose of a produced recording without prep work, and not sitting down and reading silently for leisure in his living room, suggests that you probably have difficulty understanding spoken English, let alone actually reading. Read more

To *live read* the 25 pages for the purposes of recording, presumably with multiple takes and figuring out the voice direction as he goes along with the people directing the recording. Read more

Damn, I totally forgot how crazy Ghosts' verse of the best stories on a track Read more

One of my favorite quotes.

The problem is that people who indulge in the FGC often have this haughty dudebro mentality that can turn away newcomers. It's absolutely toxic sometimes. Read more

When Trebek shaved off the moustache, mass rioting ensued for a week at nursing homes across America. Read more

I saw this guy playing his first night, and I immediately recognized what he was doing. To be honest, I had always assumed that there was some written rule that keeps contestants from starting at the bottom of the board and working their way up. After all, the most valuable answers are at the bottom, so there's more Read more

This Jeopardy method shall henceforth be known as the Kobayashi Art Chu scenario. Read more

I red this and now I'm blue. Read more