Aug 6

Toyota also did the Rubicon in a 4Runner in 2010ish - before placing 2nd in the Baja 1000 stock mini class with the same vehicle. But they did add sliders IIRC and maybe different tires. The bronco should breeze through I’d think. It should be far better in the rocks than a 4Runner. I’ve been through a few times in my

Aug 4

Transcribing a 1-hour interview is about as close to back-breaking work as this job gets. I hope you all like it.

Jul 23

Ok, you all realize that that’s a composite image, right? The photographer selected the exposures which had a satellite pass through it and stacked them on top of one another. He could just as easily have selected the ones that didn’t have a satellite. Read more

Jul 22

Oh man that’s fantastic. I love hearing success stories of cars like that ending up in homes like yours. Sooooooo much better than some tech bro billionaire or the Sultan of Brunei or Cameron’s dad from Ferris Bueller or what have you. Congrats!

Jul 22

Kudos! It looks like if everything holds that you’ll do okay. I was just out of law school and had lots of negative dollars in loans that i’m only now working through at 2013. I’m looking to do a bit of speculation myself... considering a 987 Spyder (manual of course) or an S2000.

Jul 1

I can’t wait for this to come out an have a MRSP of $40,000, $50,000+for a “well equipped” version and watch all the simps shell out all this cash. It’s gotten to the point where I’m not even excited for new car releases I’m just pissed off by the ridiculous MSRPs new cars are selling for these days. And considering Read more

Jul 1

How long before someone makes these terrible angry eyelids for it?

Jun 28

Our Boot is really amazing to drive. It’s fantastic on the road and off road floats over bumps. Driving a night stint during pre running was the most fun I’ve ever had in a moving vehicle. We’ve begun to deliver customer Boots and are beginning to build 4DR versions. We be back racing the Baja as soon as racing there Read more

Dec 12

We also found that by seating customers close together months later they requested an additional place for a baby seat so we provided one.