Jan 13 2020

Cory Booker is much too kumbaya and “let love rule” for my tastes. Guy is genuinely worthy of the office but his message is not enough. And it is GODDAMN time for a WOMAN PRESIDENT. Warren is one of the most capable, pragmatic, practical, and unblemished candidates we could hope for and we’ll likely get for years. Any Read more

Aug 2 2019

I know the thing to do in a Deadspin comments section is to make jokes, and I’m looking forward to a lot of that here, but... Laura, this was superb, and I hope there’s some execs cringing in their seats as this goes out. All humor aside, bravo for putting this out there- and I genuinely hope none of it ends up being Read more

Aug 2 2019

[Rubs hands together] Aw yeah, I’ve been looking forward to 2019's Why Your Executive Team Sucks series.

Feb 27 2019

It happened in Montreal so...something with strippers? Smoking strippers? Smoking strippers making a big deal about sub-par bagels and ok deli meat? Fin du Monde?

Feb 27 2019

I too am a billionaire if you estimate the value of my brand at $4 billion. Please don’t make me own the Bills.

Dec 21 2018

Shoutout to Riley for helping me identify the names of two of those Christmas Carol deep cuts.

Oct 2 2018

It’s a minor issue in Canada surrounding the Super Bowl. Lots of peripheral viewers, who come to Super Bowl parties because their significant others or friends are spending their Sunday that way, at least looked forward to the ads and the halftime show, along with the food and drink. Unfortunately, Canadian cable Read more

Sep 12 2018

To give people an idea of what we’re talking about here, the Toronto team in the IBL play a block away from my house on the same diamond I played Bantam ball on. 

Aug 15 2017

I’m done with this moron today, let’s talk about something important; Has anyone finally given into the ad and made a grilled cheese with mayo yet? Was it good, or do you just feel dirty inside?

Nov 30 2015

“Hi Timmy! You mom Melissa sent me to pick you up from school. As proof that you mom sent me, she told me to tell you that your birthday is 10/2, and you have a blue hat with a star on it. Get in the van! I’ll take you home to 123 Any Street!”