Mar 28 2019

Today I learned old people don’t understand context clues.

Mar 11 2019

I loved my Suzuka Blue AP1 with the matching hardtop, but I had to find the right buyer for suzuka. Most people want white or one of the more desirable blue paints. That being said, it is crazy what has happened to S2k prices. They have all went up in price over the last 10 years. I bought mine for 8k and then ended

Feb 7 2019

As someone who has owned a 91 BRG miata and a 99 10AE miata, I think either BRG or this beautiful blue would be acceptable as well. I do love that orange, however.

Feb 6 2019

That’s like saying that shooting every bear has the chance of saving at least 1 life that could be lost.

Sep 16 2018

Very good fight and an extraordinary effort put forth by Golovkin and Canelo. I thought that GGG beat Canelo again. My live score was 7-5 rounds for GGG or a 6-6 draw. I re-watched the fight and scored it again 7-5 for GGG. This was a very close fight, so a slim decision for Canelo shouldn’t feel like a robbery, but

Jul 11 2018

Everyone is missing the joke and I’m not sure if it makes me want to laugh or cry.

Mar 27 2018

I never quite understood why women risk their lives by wearing revealing and sexy clothing out on the town on Saturday nights. I get it, it’s your right, but knowing how men are, you’re basically asking for it. I used to see twenty-something women at clubs in the Meatpacking District in New York where predatory men Read more

Mar 27 2018

Where else is a professional cyclist supposed to ride? To properly train these cyclists need uninterrupted road without stoppages and most always it’s impossible to avoid cars on these roads. They can’t train on feeder streets or they’d have to stop at intersections every quarter mile. I’d ask why it’s such a bother Read more

Mar 27 2018

“you’re basically asking for it” is the calling card of a victim blamer.

Mar 13 2018

Adjectives are commonly used as nouns when the group is being described for an attribute. The following words are also adjectives but used commonly as nouns: Read more

Mar 13 2018

Of course, the police officer is referring to “illegal aliens” or “illegal immigrants”, so “illegal” is an adjective to the residency status of the individual in question. Since they are not looking for all “aliens” or all “immigrants”, just the illegal ones, it makes perfect sense to abbreviate to “illegals”, at Read more

Feb 1 2017

Seems like a lot of people really hate cyclists. Is it the 5 second delay on your commute or did a cyclist sleep with your wife?