Aug 4

Okay, what has pushed the envelope more than the F1 did in the early 1990s?

I’m not a fan of the car myself, but it certainly was an engineering marvel.

Jul 20

20 years, David Tracy hides in a corner in the post-apocalyptic hell that is the United States of America. Armor-clad police march in columns down the street. Jim Spanfeller, having somehow failed his way into a role as Ivanka Trump’s Vice President, shouts over loudspeakers about beans. People writhe in agony on the Read more

Jul 15

Put it on the Bronco manual so i can hang my clutch leg out the door window as God intended.

Jul 13

I’m a little sad that the headline for “Reverse” wasn’t a callback to the famous quotation around this event: “Sometimes, you just don’t like somebody”. Read more

Oct 12 2018

Narrow-body 911s have now just jumped 1000% in value. In 2025, Porsche will make a special edition run of narrow-body 911 Carreras, limited to 356 produced, sold out before the public announcement even hit the blogs. 

May 14 2018

I feel like the peasant’s have the mirror, the real rich people have no need for one.

May 11 2017

They’re only missing a few minor players, like GM, Toyota, Ford, VW, Honda... you know. Small guys who are getting started with vehicles and manufacturing.

May 11 2017

My only plan was to avoid any areas that come up too often in Three Six Mafia songs.

Sep 18 2014

I will do a 986 retrospective just as soon as all my wooshy sheer Porsche Design windbreakers finally come in the mail.