Nov 5 2018

“Phone companies! Invent technology that does my job for me so I can give you a massive government contract worth billions.” Read more

Nov 5 2018

It was only because he got tired of receiving the calls himself. This has nothing to do with being helpful to you.

Nov 5 2018

Nah. This is Ajit Pai getting in on the ground floor of the call authentication company that he’s about to announce a legal requirement all telecom’s use (without regulating their price) (and he also happens to be majority stockholder of).

Apr 7 2018

No, they never do these stats adjusted for inflation, because no movie will ever break the top 5 again. Back in the day, you’d have one or two screens at the theater, and they’d show the same movie for 2 or 3 months. They’d even bring back old movies and show them again for another run. With the advent of home video Read more

Apr 7 2018

Is this with ticket prices adjusted? Not to take anything away from this movies great accomplishment, but that does factor in. I’m intrigued to see where things go with this movies success.

Nov 12 2017

Worst Ferrari? Seriously? It’s a V12, if you think this is the worst Ferrari I kindly invite you to consider the Dino 208 GT4. No, not the pretty Dino, the horrible, slabby piece of shit with the Italian tax-friendly 2 litre V8 which made less power than an angry squirrel.

Nov 4 2017

You know, when I was a kid back in the early ‘80s and thought about what the year 2017 would be like it had a lot more flying cars and robot butlers and a lot fewer arguments about racist pizza and fans of a cartoon show screaming at minimum wage fast food workers because they ran out of sauce.

Oct 25 2017

I have a convertible. I agree. Sunroofs in normal vehicles are handy though.. Especially when the 4 year old in the back seat rips a fart that is outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

Feb 9 2017

In the case of the Challenger, that weight starts with a three and measures in tons.