Berman HAD to be chomping at the bit the entire time Oakland was hitting field goal after blocked punt after turnover on downs. They score a TD in the final seconds and he finally gets to say: "DEEEEEEH RAAAAAAAAAIDEEEEEEEHS" Read more

As a Seahawks fan, we're totally willing to give you back Tarvaris. He's going to be here until the end of the preseason, and then we're going to cut/trade him. Looking for a competent backup-caliber backup to be a backup for your backup-caliber starter? hahah Read more

Lost Boyz were probably inspired from the Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince track, seeing as how there's a six or seven year difference between the release of this song and the one you posted. Read more

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Jazzy Jeff has carved out a pretty good niche for himself in the Hip-Hop/Soul music game. He's a pretty dope producer and mixtape guy.

- Everytime I launch foursquare, my GPS turns on. Shuts off when I exit the phone. Read more

To pile on top of this topic: mobilityWOD is a haven of pain that will definitely bring benefit for everyone who pilots a desk all day. Learned about this site from my CrossFit gym (*ducks from the flying tomatoes*) and it's helped me power through my workouts with less injury, reduced my physical stress on my body, Read more