Mr. Blonde
4:51 PM

Is it too much to hope for a “Dave” situation, where he falls into a coma, gets replaced with a much better body double, actually solves problems, and then promptly dies?

3:56 PM

The Soul is smaller and boxier, while the Niro is only offered as a hybrid and is more expensive. Its an ICE, sportier Niro, which I can really get behind. I have a Niro and I love the size and design, but it is pretty slow, which is bothersome, but far from a dealbreaker when im averaging over 50 MPG. But I can see Read more

3:45 PM

It honestly looks pretty good for a mini-CUV, especially compared to what Ford, GM and Nissan are pumping out.  Styling is handsome and the interior doesn’t look like a penalty box. Read more

11:43 AM

Counterpoint - you getting seriously fucked up in a car collision does, in fact, have impacts on others. First responders, who deal with enough shit, thank you very much, would much rather see you intact when they pull you out of your wrecked car than to deal with your brain splattered all over the dashboard. Read more

11:25 AM

A number of years ago, I was involved in a head-on collision. I don’t remember bits and pieces of it, because I blacked out for a short while. Airbags went off, engine was practically in my lap, airbags knocked me around, the chassis of the car LITERALLY bowed into an arc, and I had to be cut out of the car with the Read more

11:07 AM

your healthcare costs in the event of an accident with avoidable injuries are paid by everyone in the way of higher insurance premiums. unless you die straight away, then i guess we all win?

10:50 AM

That only works if your insurance coverage is specific to that fact, and does not charge me if we collide and you fly through your windshield, only to live and run up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and expect MY insurance to pay. Read more

12:36 PM

As a Jalopnik reader I know I’m supposed to hate any crossover and denounce it like the plague, but I actually like this! The front is a little bland however I like the Mustang styling cues. The range and price look competitive against the Model Y. Seems like Ford did a decent job designing this thing. Of course I’ll Read more

5:59 PM

Game Pass is the best thing to happen to video games in ten years.

5:18 PM

I just... and this is the reason I actually can’t get excited about Death Stranding. I played the first two hours of I think Yakuza 0 and I think I actually only played 10 minutes of those two hours.

I don’t know about anyone else but I suffer such an immense amount of fatigue watching bland in game cut scenes. It’s Read more