Jul 23 2015

Thanks to Katy Perry, Camilla Belle and the media for turning what was a critique of the unfair treatment of black people in the music industry into a catfight with “sides” and bullshit.

Jan 8 2015

"Shelley Winters is Monique's mother. Angela Lansbury is Monique's mother. Sean Connery is Monique's mother. No wait, Sean Connery is Monique's boyfriend. He's 300 years old, but he's still a stud!" Read more

Jan 6 2015

I pretty much love mrs Hughes out of character. I want to see her in more things.

Oct 3 2014

Oh my god, that scene! Every bone in my body knew I was bring emotionally manipulated with a cheesy song and a rousing speech that doesn't actually mean anything. But I'm still sitting the couch, hands clasped to my chest, tears running down my face. Go to hell Sorkin, but please make more TV from there.

Aug 13 2014

Idk, the context of the comment is Kanye wanting to be the head of a major fashion house. That is not going to happen for any celebrity. It's not the same thing as being a force by wearing clothes and it's not the same thing as being a force by "creating" a line of your own a la Victoria Beckham. Your credentials as a Read more

May 20 2014

I absolutely need a trigger warning for math. Even simple math sends me into crying jags of anxiety. Fortunately, the trigger warning is usually right there in the title of the course, like "Calculus 101." Some schools (mine included) even included a trigger warning on the building itself: I know to stay far, far away Read more

May 15 2014

He needs to learn a few key phrases before he goes. "A George Bush non piaciono le persone nere per niente." "Sono molto contento per te, e ti lascierò da finire, ma Beyonce ha fatto uno del video migliori del tutto tempo." Italian speakers, please please please make any necessary corrections! I learned from Duolingo Read more

May 15 2014

I'm so sorry, Italy. First we gave you Jersey Shore and now this. If you can't ever forgive us, I completely understand. We've really failed you.

May 7 2014

Where's a time machine when you need one!

May 7 2014

OMG I just made the exact same comment. he was HAWT!