Saw this video last night; genuinely liked it. Videos like these are really the only thing keeping me sane, with all the bullshit (putting it politely) going on in the world.  Read more

‘Smoothie bowls’ make me irrationally angry. Read more

I’m sitting here completely dumbstruck at the blind eye to that egregious display of misogynoir foolishness. That whole scene made me want to spit at the entire show. And I’m trying not to get mad at Panama because I usually find him charming and funny but he spent almost 1,500 words and didn’t even site a damn thing Read more

But do you ever wear Panama hats? Read more

Only BW are Baby Mommas thought you knew this Read more

Apparently I wasn’t black because I listened to Guns N Roses.
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It ain’t my issue...I don’t check for niggas who don’t want me. Read more

And why does everybody keep calling her his wife? They’re not married. That’s his baby’s mama. Read more

Naaaw..Poor whites still have it better than the richest negro.. all they have to do is clean up Read more

The issue isn’t that he’s with a white woman, which keeps being highlighted like that’s why sisters are mad while the fact that he has said some ridiculous shit keeps being glossed over for some reason. Read more

It’s really lame that the discussion has been reduced to this after one bad comment, when the issues always was how black women are represented in his work. Read more

Agreed. And I consider sugar in cornbread an abomination as well. And it should be cooked in a cast iron skillet with hot grease to keep it from sticking and to make the nice crispy edges! That’s good for sopping up your juices. Read more

Preach. I’m usually not much for rich food, but biscuits and gravy done right is fucking delicious. Read more

So, nobody gonna mention crackling? Read more

You keep using terms without really knowing what they mean. You realize there is not any form of smothered chicken seen in that picture right? That’s just a typical southern backyard BBQ plate. Do you also realize smothered chicken is a ubiquitous term that could mean many different recipes?
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Sausage drippings, flour, milk and LOTS (notice the use all caps) of pepper. Sausage is meat, therefore white gravy is a motherfucking thing. Read more

You go and tell him how to make Southern food then. I bet you douse your bbq in sauce as well, oof.

“It’s like “Texas Toast.” That’s some sort of California bullshit.” Read more