5/18/17 12:56PM

Yup. I assume this person does not watch any Fox News after a black person is killed by a cop.

5/14/17 2:43PM

Look, I get the idea of being upset about a civil war statue. As effed up as it is, especially ‘cause he lost, it is history. Read more

5/02/17 7:45PM

Every time someone mentions Hillary, I remember when I used to have such hope. And then I die a little inside.

4/10/17 11:12AM

I have taken the money when it didn’t matter when I got there. But if it does matter, you should have the right to refuse.

4/09/17 10:22PM

I work for a small theatre chain and even we supply personal closed caption devices for the hearing impaired that does not disturb other patrons in the slightest. Surprised to see other chains do not have the same.

4/09/17 10:12PM

That may be true, but I use Spotify to find new music & spend money at concerts to see those bands live & buy the albums I listen to a lot. So I’m still supporting the artists even if the per-play price they get isn’t great.

4/09/17 12:28PM

The last guy I dated, I got to 3 dates and then he ghosted me. Literally cancelled the planned 4th date (with a decent reason at least) and then just dropped off the earth. Read more

4/06/17 11:27PM

If one voted for 45 for any reason, I will never forgive you.

4/06/17 11:04PM

Except when this proves he is being played by Russia. Assad gains nothing from randomly gassing his own people, but this does provide distraction from the changes in the congressional investigation of Trump and Russia. It allows Putin and Trump the means to play up theatrics in an ongoing proxy war, while letting Read more

4/06/17 4:58PM

I have to say, that interior is atrocious. The giant screen in the Model S is elegantly integrated into the center stack. It isn’t the normal array of buttons, but it doesn’t look like someone bolted a goddamn iMac to the firewall. Even a sub $20,000 Ford Fiesta has a nicer dash and it’s so festooned with Read more

2/16/16 1:46PM

For sure. No one saw this election playing out this way. On either side. Oddly as interesting as it is, its the first time I really wish I could just skip everything about it. I hate the whole thing and feel zero passion about Bernie or Hillary.

8/23/15 12:44PM

Spending money to campaign against abortion is probably less effective than just giving money to pregnant women in the hope that they will be able to afford to look after a child.

8/23/15 12:37PM

Excellent. I am sure this thoughtful law will be followed by a large budget shift so that any infants with severe disabilities will be given full, free lifetime housing, round the clock nursing care and behavioral therapy of the highest quality.

8/23/15 12:10PM

Well, I like Trump because I’m a liberal and he seems to be derailing the conservatives. But that’s probably not the answer you’re looking for. ;)