Minimum Maus
Apr 3

I really liked Zemo asking Sam and Bucky if they’d been to the Sokovia memorial. It’s a nice way to remind the audience that, whatever else he’s done, Zemo is a victim of the Avengers’ actions.

Mar 9

Fun fact: the guy who plays Greg in these movies was previously on a sitcom called ‘Day by Day’ and they did an episode where he dreamed he was a Brady.

Feb 25

It is a fuck of a thing to read an article describing zombies raping living women as merely “try-hard” and “edgy” as opposed to ludicrously offensive and obscene.
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Feb 25

Not so Fun Fact: The original script for this movie had rape zombies in it (

Aug 5

Google? :-) It always strikes me how little most men know about nail polish removal. I once painted an ex’s nails for a Halloween party, and afterward, he came to me panicked because he couldn’t scrub it off and he was afraid to let his professor see him with painted nails the next morning. A male friend of mine was Read more

Jul 24

Couldn’t agree more. Also from an adopted family, also find this trope gross and offensive.

Jul 5

I had trouble watching that scene because sinking into lava while pushing an obelisk to save her family is how my mother actually died.

May 17

It does not surprise me that evolutionary psychologists are embedded in bad ideas about humor. It’s hard to think of an academic “discipline” so poorly equipped to understand anything fundamental to human behavior. They are people who never accepted what Sigmond Freud said to his daughter.

Apr 12 2020

Where to start? The sketch is actually based on a real BBC Sports commentator. Read more

Mar 21 2020

If you don’t see the difference between calling something “Chinese food” and referring to an illness as a “Chinese virus,” it may be because you’ve never thought about it. Read more

Feb 20 2020

It would only be a fake song if it was incomplete, or known by reference only, so that you wished you could hear the whole thing. Like in-story movies seen only in clips and trailers a la Tropic Thunder. Read more

Jan 29 2020

And like actual retirement, after sundown it’s wall-to-wall fucking.

Dec 4 2019

Yeah, the fact that this article specifically mentions Tony sacrifice in Endgame and doesn’t mention Black Widow at all is glaring. Read more

Dec 4 2019

Dear Tom:

Can I call you Tom? I like the feature, and normally I’d don’t give a shit, but please talk to more women other than your daughter and the woman who probably gave birth to her. After many decades of NOT HAVING SHIT REPRESENT US, lots of women had an emotional reaction to the damn women-Avengers moment and did Read more