12:52 PM

Grow up and take a joke. If they expect gender-confusion to be accepted, they’re gona need a lot thicker skin. When you can be the butt of a joke (not hateful, but funny) then you are accepted. If you think somehow they’ll be off limits then they’ll never be accepted or “equal” or whatever.

1:44 AM

the scariest thing about death, to me, is there actually being an afterlife or even a Heaven. When this sh*t is over, I want it to be over, the last thing I want to do is hang around for f**kin’ eternity. Read more

5:18 AM

First time I’ve seen anyone else say it, but I agree about Bing’s video search because you can watch the videos right there immediately without leaving the page, plus what you mentioned about the related search-terms and videos. If I’m really looking for a specific video I always use bing now.

5:05 PM

it’s the people who make them just fishing for likes that ruin it, if you’re a true fan of something there’s nothing wrong with keeping it alive through any creative outlet that you can

5:13 PM

Humans are self-aware (unfortunately) and that isn’t needed for survival anymore, any person that would wear real fur now is just a sociopathic narcissistic f**kin’ dolt..

1:02 AM

They also had bombs that contained bats who would be released before hitting the ground, each bat had incendiary explosives tied to their legs so they would fly and hang from the infrastructure of buildings before exploding, but all that kind of shit was scrapped when they got the ABomb, no need to think when u can Read more

1:38 PM

idk what the obsession with the remake of everything iS, dont get me wrong it looks awesome I'm gona see it. Couldn't he havr just made a new crazy post-apocalyptic movie inspired by the idea of Mad Maxx?