Mike Villa

Seriously this. The trifecta of Superman/Wonder Woman/Batman were all smartly cast. Amy Adams should be able to kill the Lois Lane role in her sleep. Michael Shannon was a great choice for Zod, and even Eisenberg was an interesting and potentially compelling option for Luthor. But the scripts haven’t been up to the Read more

I worked for the brand for 5 years. I am an Audi fan for sure, and especially an Audi with a manual. I can appreciate the fact that a master tech did the swap. With that being said, I have to agree on CP for this one. I would not risk taking on this car, and definitely not at that price. Read more

Who consistently talks to their phone? If I’m in public and do it, I kinda feel like a weirdo. If I’m at home, I’m doing something menial like setting a timer. Sounds like I would hate this device. Read more

It’s a sign of how crazy fast society is changing that a movie released in 2013 has an outdated view of masculinity.
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Oooo ooo ooo, I know the answer to this one...

I’m not taking advice on tact from someone who takes mirror selfies by themself... Read more

You make some great points. I’m convinced.  Read more

Even you forgot that the Kizashi wasn’t a Mitsubishi.
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It’s like Amazon, but with walking.
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They say that a company’s social media presence is like the window into its soul.

The crash rating is don’t crash Read more

“I commute to NYC from Portland, ME, this will never work for me!!11!”
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This is too much and terrible and over-the-top and gaudy and amazing and sexy and perfect. Read more

If I’m the other driver, I’m slowly driving in reverse so his car is continually creeping closer to run him over again... like a lion about to pounce. Read more

Ford Flex Ecoboost. The anti-CUV. Designed with a ruler and not remotely lozenge shaped. 365hp stock. Three useful rows. I think they’re hilarious and have seriously considered one just for the “Did that blue refrigerator just smoke me off the light?” reaction.

It’s a fucking Honda Element. Read more

Americans are just super scared of everything right now. I have to travel overseas for my job and I do get asked why so many Americans seem so scared of everything, quite regularly. The only reply I can give them is “I don’t know, I’m Canadian”, because I’m too scared to admit to being American right now.
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One time I was driving around, my gas light came on, and I got gas. Read more