Mike S
Jul 15 2019

But he stood on her throat and didn't kneel, right?

Nov 24 2018

maybe it’s always been this way, but it sure seems as the the ncaa (and by default, it’s broadcast partners) need ohio st football more than ohio st needs the ncaa.  of the 120+ schools that boast a d1 football program, there are probably only 5-10 that could get this kind of handjob on national tv.  

Nov 20 2018

It sure makes it seem like Fultz is at odds with the Sixers’ front office, and is possibly seeking proof that his injury is physical rather than mental.  

Aug 13 2018

The rest of the goals were all pretty great. Some real quality and good use of the woodwork.

Jul 24 2018

The New York Daily News was not killed by a fucking market correction. Sinclair Media is not a fucking market correction. Peter fucking Thiel is not a fucking market correction. Fuck off with this “well, that’s just how it is” bullshit. This is a goddamn siege, and takes like this are how we’re losing it. Read more

Jul 11 2018

Initial reports have PacMan avoiding the confrontation, grabbing something to eat, and then seeking out his attacker.

Apr 17 2018

When asked if he was worried about the threats, Harbaugh responded “Bitch, pleats!”

Jun 6 2012

This sort of faking escorts for NBA players is actually really common. Just last week, I helped Antoine Walker re-badge his Festiva.