Micah Micah Motorcycah
Thursday 10:30AM

Easy. The 1984 Chevy C-10 Silverado that my grandpa bought a month before I was born.

My grandpa had just retired (this was still the era where you could do that at 53), his hips were shot, and he wanted a “fancy” truck. So he went to the dealer and ordered a fully-pimped Silverado-trim truck. It didn’t have 4WD or the

Thursday 9:12AM

With my imaginary funds, there are only a handful of cars from 1982 I’d want to own. And at the top of that list is the Lancia 037

Wednesday 11:09AM

The broken down, nearly forgotten Pepperidge Farm buggy sold on BAT for $240K.

Wednesday 10:46AM

Brent Peltomaa valued that cat more than he valued his life.
Michael Campbell valued punishing a thief more than he valued his freedom.
They were all in love with dying. They were drinking from a fountain
that was pouring like an avalanche coming down the mountain.

Wednesday 10:20AM

Oregon has a bill being considered that would only allow scrap dealers to buy catalytic converters from licensed businesses and require them to provide the VIN from the car it came from. Read more

Wednesday 10:00AM

Don’t forget the fake vents and plastic cladding on barely raised hatchbacks and wagons passing themselves off as crossovers that sacrifice paved road driving dynamics for minuscule improvements in off-road driving.

Wednesday 9:52AM

The current one. The kindergarten kid’s block toys with wheels on them era.

Tuesday 9:35AM

I’d say this about all my European cars, ranging from a Maserati QP to pretty much everything except the high-end stuff. But currently, the car that has lasted me longer without any exorbitant costing issues, is my 2002 BMW M5. It’s got 286,000 miles on it, been to the track in stock form (the first 2 years I bought

6/14/21 2:04PM

And still those very people who are being punished will vote the same republicans in office because of any of these reasons Read more

6/14/21 1:37PM

“I wanted to travel internationally, but then I realized that was still to close to goddamn Ohio. So I guess I have to go to space instead. It’s the only way I can be assured to not have to deal with anyone from .... wait a second ... this other astronaut is ALSO FROM FUCKING OHIO? I’m going for a (space) walk.”

6/14/21 1:35PM

The fear of losing the centrist liberal is just one of the things that Democratic leadership uses as an excuse to avoid enacting widely popular policies like universal healthcare... Read more

6/14/21 1:13PM

For those who can’t hear the dog whistle, this is Ronnie Raygun’s “Welfare Queen” mythos coming back from the shit-heap of history. Read more

6/14/21 12:57PM

I maintain that Ohio produces some of the most astronauts simply because there’s nothing better to do in Ohio than to get the hell out of Ohio and go as far away as humanly possible

6/14/21 12:53PM

I’m from Ohio and I do not approve of Ohio. 

6/14/21 12:48PM

Roughly half this country has a complete lack of empathy. I’m both angry and sad.