Mike Dubbz
Jul 5

Probably something Trump asked him to do in order to get re-elected, knowing full well that plenty of younger, dumber Biden supporters would instead vote for Kanye if he was running.  We know that Trump plays dirty to win elections (and pretty much everywhere else honestly), so as weird as this sounds, it doesn’t seem Read more

Jul 3

Anything other than featureless black box = ugly. Got it.

Anything other than featureless black box = ugly. Got it.

Jun 28

Given what people know about Sacha Baron Cohen, and his well publicized gimmicks and how he despises the right-wing, it should be taken as clever trolling.

Jun 18

Yeah, this is an important part of the national conversation. Really advancing the football with this one. 

Jun 18

The basic idea here is that the show is about good people, and we want to see them do good things. I’d like to think that being a good person and an American cop aren’t mutually exclusive. Read more

Jun 11

For me, price is a number when compared to my bank account.

May 28

I don’t get why anyone thinks that social media sites are a right and not businesses. Social media is not the freedom of speech, they’re just the Wal-Marts of speaking online. And just like Wal-Mart you can get banned from the store if you make a big scene. Don’t like it? Go somewhere else that has different rules, Read more

May 22

I don’t get why anyone would be upset by that. Women have been voicing boys in animation for decades and nobody batted eye.  Remember the uproar of Bart Simpson being voiced by a woman?  Yeah, me neither.  Why should anyone care when the opposite happens on rare occasion?

May 6

There’s laws. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Companies can’t gather info online of people under 13. Read more

May 6

While this is an important point, they definitely should not get the final vote. Particularly because the long-term benefits of cruise ships on local economies is misunderstood and often vastly overstated. Generally, people are only off the ship for a short couple of hours. Because there is food and drink on the boat, Read more

May 6

They started letting cruises dock in Portland, ME, a few years back. The tourism uptick has been minimal. But then they leave dock and dump their waste in the Atlantic, damaging the lobster fishing grounds. Lobster being one of the reasons tourists come to Maine and an industry that employs a lot of people, there’s a Read more

Apr 14

The love left with George Lucas.  Disney has tried to recapture the magic of the series, but they did so without having a solid master plan and without trying anything genuinely new (everything in those films just feels like homages to things Star Wars has done in thepast), and consequently most moviegoers recognize Read more

Apr 1

That was the one thing I kept thinking as I read this. It seems her issue is her kids bugging her, but they’re 10 and 12. At that age, I was able to just muck around on my own for a good number of hours without bothering either of my parents. It doesn’t even have to be video games, too! Give them books or sit them in Read more

Apr 1

But now I work from home and my kids have no after-school activities and they have no outlet but me and my husband and oh my god.  Look, you’re not gonna get this advice often in life, but right now, probably more than ever, is an OK time to let your kids partake in video games.  I get it, you don’t want to expose Read more

Mar 31

Nah, it’s just not your idea of entertaining.  I have more hobbies than I know what to do with and would be willing to put my “boring” life up against anybody’s as far as who’s was more interesting.  It’s super rare to have this much time at home.  It’s nice. 

Mar 26

Salty much? Portable versions of these games will sell (I’ll be buying Borderlands and Bioshock), get over it.

Mar 21

That he’d essentially become his mother. It’s not sweet in the sense that you delight in it, but it’d be sweet in the sense that everything comes full-circle giving a feeling of completeness for the series. It’d be satisfying in a structural way even though the outcome would not be a positive one. Read more

Mar 21

So Steven’s grandparents are alive, he’s 16, and he’s never met them?  Let alone never seen the house that his dad grew up in, that his parents apparently still own?  Only this series could manage to have such sloppy writing even in their better episodes.

Mar 2

That’s like a half truth. While the Jets and Mets are reliable to suck. The Yankees are consistently great, and the Giants have proven capable of winning a few Super Bowls in recent years.