Mike Dubbz
6/01/21 5:16PM

Yeah, I’d reckon most pageants in the South and Midwest have racist as hell roots. But I’m not going to blame kids and socially-obligated young adults for participating in something that lost its racist overtones decades ago.

6/01/21 5:04PM

Oh man, you didn’t check in to see how this insane stretch of a nothing-burger was getting roasted over at The Root? Cause it’s getting no traction there, and it feels like their readership should know. Read more

5/28/21 5:19PM

Seriously. Can’t a company make a game about overthrowing a fascist government in Not Cuba without people asking if there are any statements about the real world. Not Cuba isn’t even a real place. DUH!

5/28/21 5:10PM

I mean... they can have games that feature political turmoil from the characters and setting, without trying to make some sort of grand political statement about the real world.

But I guess that kind of nuance is a bit difficult for some of the contributors around here, who would rather just post reactionary news Read more

5/26/21 9:01PM

I mean I could care less, but she was about as butch as cartoon mothers ever came. If ever there was a closeted gay mother in cartoons, it was Betty. But I also wouldn’t have any objections to her having the same relationship with Howard that she had in the original series.

5/26/21 1:36PM

I would be fine if they were just divorced because Betty came out of the closet. It would establish that Howard and Betty did have something between them, but it couldn’t save the marriage.

5/17/21 1:25PM

“Have a think about it, right? If we improve this and that, what’s next? People wanting to move here? You know who consider themselves people? Terrorists. You see what this sort of wanton spending begets?”

5/14/21 10:48AM

Im gonna guess that this video didn't have a $150 million budget like Detective Pikachu did.

5/04/21 11:41AM

To be fair, season 3 is by far the weakest of its 4 seasons thus far. People point to Pickle Rick as the funniest thing in season 3, which I think illustrates perfectly why that season really misses the mark. Pickle Rick is not a particularly funny episode at all in practice, it made for a funny trailer to the season, Read more

5/02/21 5:05PM

Sure paying more for outdated technology and being stuck with a company that forces you to use only what they tell you to use is a great option. How much is it to upgrade the storage on a I-phone again?

4/22/21 10:11PM

My immediate thoughts as well, these phones exist for people with jobs that have them working around heavy powerful machinery and getting dirty. I totally get why and how these phones exist. They aren't for me, but I'm sure they're are plenty of jobs where this kind of phone is ideal 

4/22/21 5:27PM

I’d imagine these are big in construction, manufacturing, welding, and many other circles like that. My dad was a construction foreman and his company provided similar phones to important people on job sites. Read more

3/24/21 12:56AM

All her posts read like someone who was rejected by Thomas and held a grudge. I’m certainly willing to believe he could have done such things, but 2 accounts with no actual proof aren’t gonna do it for me to say, well he’s clearly guilty, cancel him forever.  He certainly could be, but at this point I remain Read more

2/22/21 6:22PM

Hey, I got some stuff in this loot box I don’t want, but you do! Wanna trade? Read more

2/19/21 11:31PM

Hayes had a large stroke before the condemnation that was issued, and it has been suggested that the "Church" was largely responsible for the statement, rather than Hayes himself.   And not long after the episode aired, Mr. Hayes left us for good.