MacKenzie Queen

You know who else was kind and generous? People living in the antebellum South. They have a whole term for it: Southern Hospitality. Southerners, especially those with large estates, were considered incredibly welcoming and giving to all people*. It’s a perception so ingrained in the culture that it endures to this Read more

Does she know that black people can change their names now, but the government is trying to make it illegal for trans people to get life-saving medication? Just say you don't give a fuck about trans lives. JFC Read more

Since when do we expect stand up comedians to tell the truth? What the fuck is this? Read more

No. We should have solidarity with workers, especially when it’s someone who has relied on these specific workers for their livelihood since childhood. Give a little back for fucksakes! She’s had a life of unimaginable wealth and privilege while the little people fight for the scraps.

Stand WITH them instead of your Read more

Seconded. It’s so satisfying to watch because we saw Damar slowly realizing what he had to do over several previous episodes. And now we’re rooting for the Cardassians, some of them, at least.
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Making us actively root for that asshole who shot Ziyal in cold blood was amazing. Truly highlights how fucked up war is in making terrible people heroes. Read more

Sexiest brain/face combo: Taika Waititi all day and night. Read more

I have had the struggle with people seeing the first season trailer and them going “ugh, funny pirate movie that doesn’t look funny.” And I have to tell them, no it’s not that, not at all. Get through the first two episodes and it turns into magic. Seriously. If you haven’t watched it, try it. It’s got to be one of Read more

Are my tastes that obscure?

A list like this always welcomes complaints of “what about X?” You can never satisfy everyone with the potential candidates. Someone is always left out. Read more

But how can you expect someone to raise 3 kids on ONLY $20 000 per month?!  That’s enough for like, one banana.
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These people are disgusting. Nobody wants to see your bones and I will remain proudly fat just to make you upset. #ILoveMyFUPA Read more

I’m so glad I’m a fat atheist. This shit sounds fucking exhausting...
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[T]here are no normal people and there are no ordinary days.” Read more

Thank you so much for writing this essay. Read more