michael bleggi
Dec 9 2015

this comment is slightly lacking in Pantera.

Dec 6 2015

No graduate from SUNY Geneseo is going to be anyone’s boss

Nov 27 2015

When I was 17 I was bombing around some twisties in my Rabbit GTI at perhaps 3 times the posted speed limit. I came over a crest only to find a 90 degree left turn. I slammed on the brakes, locked up all four and plowed straight ahead, and expected to fly off the road and into the bay. Read more

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Nov 19 2015

Now these are the type of posts I come here to read. Not about high school cars. Thank you.

Nov 13 2015

UPS was unwilling to pay out for what it was insured for in the first place so it is unlikely that they would have paid out at the full price. The company that built the motor actually offered to solve the issue. They said that they would rebuild the motor at cost due to the error that they made.

Nov 12 2015

Considering his blatant disregard for human life...no. I see shit like this all too often and don’t really have sympathy for people who drive like this. Drivers like this kill or maim innocent people all the time.

Nov 19 2014

Think I'll stick to vaping the green stuff. We were doing it first anyway.

Aug 13 2014

Plain and simple, oxygen in it's liquid form is toxic, as is nitrogen. You can't always reduce things to "plain and simple".