Yesterday 10:33AM

The guy down at the docks will give you three grand for that trunkload of converters. He tosses them in his shipping container and across the ocean it goes.

6/10/21 3:24PM

Kicking into sixth is like putting this thing into overdrive. It’s supremely comfortable. Read more

6/10/21 12:04PM

$25.5 for my doubters in the grays that I can’t respond to because Kinja is broken.

6/10/21 10:29AM

I’m curious about what people regularly haul that requires such a long bed. You can fit 4x8 sheets of anything in a Maverick with the tailgate down, you can get a motorcycle back there, you can fit bicycles back there. What specifically long things do people need to get in there that are going to make the bed length Read more

6/10/21 10:23AM

OK so I did some research over at the Ford site for 35k you can get an AWD XL Ranger crew cab with the 301 package and FX4 and tow package. 
Read more

6/09/21 2:33PM

At the risk of pillory, do we blame spandex for the wearer? The gold chain for the neck it encircles? Read more

6/08/21 9:51AM

Lux XLT with AWD, FX4 pack, and 4k lb towing for $30k...that’s nuts. The new big Bronco can only tow 3500lbs. Read more

6/02/21 11:07AM

2013 Ford Focus hatchback. I had bought it new and it only had 30,000 miles on it, but average values on those were being pounded down into the dirt by the garbage DCT in those cars. Mine was a 5 speed, and the cheapest 5 speed hatch sport package I could find in the country was going for $10,800. I was asking $9500 Read more

5/28/21 2:53PM

I really want to like that era of S4 but I just can’t. They weighed nearly 4000lbs (or more than that for the convertibles!), with 60% front weight distribution. And with the significant timing chain issues, even when I see them pop up for ~$5k I don’t think they’re worth it. Read more

5/27/21 1:43PM

Ha! I sold my 2014 MKZ to Carvana last month! I bought it for $20k back in 2017 and figured it’d be worth around $9k now, Carvana gave me $14k for it. It was a great car and the most reliable one I owned, but I figured by selling now I was capturing at least $5k in bonus dollars I’d lose if I waited a year or two.

5/27/21 1:41PM

50% depreciation over three years is typical for the average car (outside of this crazy year). I just quoted his car on Carvana but with a more reasonable 36,000 miles, and they offered $15,402. It’s the miles.

5/24/21 1:10PM

It twangs on the top of the door frame when I pull into my garage. I only pull it into the garage when I work on it in the winter, though, so it’s not usually a problem.