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Jul 21 2018

Right? Only after I posted did I realize you had said it was ballooned, so of course it hadn’t leaked otherwise it wouldn’t have been inflated. Duh lol.

Jul 21 2018

A lot of Newspapers. Crumbled up, and tossed in. Bakingsoda, I would maybe sprinkle in a little clothes softener, mix it in, and cast it every where, vacuum up with the dead flies, after a while. Citrus peels, also, freshen well. Read more

May 12 2018

Reason: My teeth, over the years, have become a losing battle (especially for the last 20 yrs, after having children) and, the risk of bacterial endocarditis that dental issues carry.

May 11 2018

The rings kind of throw me... they were exposed? My parents, each, went thru this, and I know of wire wrapped around the sternum, but they weren’t exposed (terribly painful tho, and today some use plates, and screws, to hold the two sides together - not my surgeon - to stabilize. Wrapping wire allows shifting. Ugghhh.) Read more