Oct 17 2018

If this guy was in San Francisco, the city would have sold his car off at auction and spent the proceeds on handouts for bums. Then the city would fine the owner for the cost of towing, storage, and disposal. Read more

Jul 9 2018

Oh believe you me, I’m expecting a retrospective follow-up article a couple weeks from now discussing the long-term reflections and takeaways from this experience, a Split Screen session discussing the emotional rawness of encountering a boss with more than one phase, and a repost of the whole series sometime next Read more

Jun 12 2018

It takes a specific worldview to not see that companies are, in fact, investing in their cities. They build offices, they buy equipment, they pay workers and rent, they pay various taxes, they are usually the largest donors to local charities, they often support the arts and local schools or sports teams, etc. etc. Read more

Mar 10 2018

Imagine how much fun it was to cheer and boo at a puppet show when you were a super little kid. Now imagine that you can still get that feeling via a semi improvised action adventure stunt show as you age. Read more

Mar 8 2018

Oh sure, some may laugh at the Extreme universe, but I’ll have you know it’s produced some great characters, like Youngblood, Bloodstrike, Bloodpack, BloodForce, Team Blood, The Blood Guys, A Big Kiddie Pool Full of Blood, Bloodo the Blood Dog, Bloodweiser, BloodSquad, A Used Tampon, X-Blood, The Blooder Business Read more

Nov 22 2017

Might I recommend adding a reliable boom stick to your list? I know you have your choice of stores, but...

Jul 13 2017

Can’t wait for the follow up on how the rising cost of education needs to be reigned in. I’m curious how these pay raises will be reflected in tuition and budgetary management.

Jul 14 2016

God, the only thing worse than sleeping with Lupica three times would be listening to him sanctimoniously explain how much effort and hard work he put into it afterward.

Jul 8 2016

That’s the best story you got in your contest? What came in second place, some guy who tried to sneak into box seats but got caught by an usher?

Jun 17 2016

While I do really like their artstyle, at this point I kind of agree, I see this as less a Batman story and more a Telltale story about Batman. I mean, that’s not a bad thing, and it does let people know right away what kind of game they’re getting, but truth, something different art-wise from them would be Read more

May 12 2016

We appreciate your input. I’ll appreciate it all the way over to my next job.

Jan 10 2016

Don’t forget that time The Berserker blew his chance at the WWF title belt back in ‘92.

Dec 23 2015

I think what he meant mr Weasel is he is MORE those than just a personality. Although he also is likeable, he is a car lover, jouralist....

May 30 2015

Why is it ok to fat shame a man? If this was one of the many overweight female college softball players would it be ok to comment like this?