Jul 7 2016


Might I add, keep an eye on yourselves? Its happened more then once where some of us felt that the mods where the ones acting unfairly. not just those in the argument. As well as posting. there is a particular mod that has (on more then one occasion) posted something that was....borderline. and thats by MY Read more

Jul 5 2016

Glad to see we are moderating criticism but leaving generalizations about oppo’s memberships and accusations of harboring sex offenders public.

Jul 5 2016

It’s not out of line to infer that someone wants to encourage pornography on oppo? Or in another thread to accuse someone of being sexist only to later retract the statement without amending the original comment? Or to make a negative generalization about this entire forum? Read more

Mar 28 2016

I like new things. I’d rather pay more for a new car than have an old car constantly needing repairs. $2,000 a year in maintenance? That’s absurd. 4 years of that = $8,000 in repairs. Figure 25% depreciation, now we’re talking $13,000 in maintenance and depreciation. $13,000 lost on a $20,000 car? 65%. I doubt I would Read more

Dec 31 2015

Sometimes, when you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Read more

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Nov 19 2015

Doing the same thing Concorde did but decades later and for fewer passengers. Wow.

Nov 6 2015

Wearing what appear to be Air Jordans with his Army costume?