Dec 20 2016

Some people say Eunos was the best Mazda sub-brand, but I’m an Autozam man myself, through and through.

Dec 17 2016

Still can’t believe we got a such a twat of a president elect...

Dec 17 2016

This is why you need a clear headed, calm, rational President. China will give back the vessel, no harm no foul. Shit like this happens between rival nations. The last thing we need is a hot headed moron who takes anything less than ass kissing as a personal insult demanding retribution of some kind.

Nov 10 2016

I used to think I understood; in fact I bought a Baja. After buying it, I stopped understanding the love. Those cars are a pain, very porly designed, and not really that fun to drive. I love small eccentric cars, but the Beetle is just kind of annoying to own.

Sep 22 2016

It’s as expected as this gif, whenever there’s a Florida mention: