Dec 7 2018

I assume because in the UK the customers for this car are at the age where the TVR and Quattro were their dream cars growing up, and this ad shows how in context a modern Jeep will shit all over your childhood dreams while carrying kids from your first two marriages in tow. But, like Marisa Tomei, some memories for Read more

Dec 4 2018

You would have to call your local Hyundai store and be like “Hey, Azera lotta deals on those cars?”

Dec 4 2018

Can you make a list with a misleading headline and confusing tables that include an R8, NSX, Viper ACR, 911 Turbo, and a F430? Then, I will use it as my only data point to convince my wife it’d be a good time to buy one. I’ll let you work out the details on how you want to group them together but it needs to be Read more

Aug 2 2018

And it has the greatest rear end of any ferrari ever.

Aug 2 2018

People can hate on this thing all they want. But this has and always will be on my top 3 cars of all time. I would buy it without hesitation and without giving a fuck about price if money were no concern for me. 

Aug 2 2018

Someone buy it then drive the fucking SHIT out of it. Poor thing sitting around it’s whole life. 

Jun 21 2018

Any half-way alert pedestrian can hear the tyres of the vehicle, even in a parking lot setting. I’ve never been startled by an electric vehicle sneaking up on me because I can not only hear the tyre noise, but I’m also aware of my surroundings when in an area where vehicular traffic is present. The problem is Read more

Apr 26 2018

By that time we won’t be allowed to drive ourselves. Everyone will have a self-driving crossover powered by emotions. So cry, I think, if we want to get to work on time.

Apr 24 2018

How is it not an option? Learn to drive manual. It takes a day.

Apr 22 2018

I’ll wait until carmax sells a Quadrifoglio for sub $35k and then I’ll go have a look lol

Jan 14 2018

It’s also on the rear “gas cap” badge. It screams “trying too hard special edition,” like those yellow bumblebee Camaros with Autobot badges.