Michael Nunez
Technology editor at Gizmodo.

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Feb 3 2017

Your situation sounds similar to mine. I upgraded from a three-speed internal hub, and the CVT makes all the difference going uphill.

Oct 18 2016

Here’s another cool video of a NYC chess hustler getting pwned, this one by a grandmaster Maurice Ashley.

Oct 13 2016

What kind of music are you listening to right now? Any good recommendations?

Oct 13 2016

What’s the deal with the hover board hoax? Why did you have to break our hearts like that?

Jul 26 2016

Facebook’s low income housing pledge is a trojan horse. The company wants to add more office buildings on the same property where it is planning the housing—which will likely exacerbate income inequality.

Apr 5 2016

You and I think alike. It’s an amazing machine, but I just don’t think the games or experiences can justify the $800 price tag yet.

Apr 5 2016

This is the retail version of the Vive. You can currently play 2D games in the headset, but I didn’t bother because that defeats the purpose of owning the Vive. In my opinion, it’s all about walking around in VR.