Aug 26

I’m tempted to buy a waffle maker for that idea alone.

Jul 18

Remember: just because you have a “common” blood type does not mean your blood donation is not valuable. In fact, it means your blood is very valuable. Sure O- is the universal donor and they really love those donations because they can give that to anybody, but more people have A+ like me, so every unit I donate Read more

Jun 5

This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard since “Insurance will cover it.  Let them loot and destroy.  This is the only way to bring attention to their cause.”

Jan 15

Such a great writeup. I often refer to analog clocks (or analog gauges in cars) as “living pie charts” because they engage our brains in entire different, more continuous ways (rather than discrete, overly empirical points in time/speed/temperature/revs, which themselves are continuous). Rates of change are important Read more

Jan 4

NEXUS only works for travel between the US and Canada. Global Entry works for every country. 

Dec 18

My best purchase this year was packs of merino wool socks from Costco. They’re like a hug for your feet! They keep my feet toasty warm in the winter, but they’re also comfortable through the fall and spring due to their breathability. I bought thirty pairs, and got rid of a whole bunch of my sad little nylon ones. My Read more

Dec 11

Every little bit helps. My tiny little nonprofit museum gets about $20-25 per quarter through Amazon Smile, but that’s the equivalent of 3-4 people doing individual memberships in our nonprofit society. We’re not going to turn our noses up at it. :)

Oct 4 2019

I’ve been using Inoreader since Pulse was bought by LinkedIn [and, IMO, completely borked its experience]. I’m sure there are other fabulous services out there, but Inoreader serves me just fine with its high-contrast dark mode, multiple layout viewing options, multiple sort-by, reading stats and Read more

Jul 16 2019

This is insane. Unless you are one of the few ppl who can just pass out and not snore or freak out or whatever when sleeping then sure.. Read more

Jul 8 2019

I know this is an unpopular opinion here in the Kinjaverse, but... Just act like a professional, and treat them as you would any other customer.

Jul 5 2019

Meet at the local strip bar. They have security, cameras and cash. Plus you don't have to worry about taking wads of cash home, you can spend it instead.

May 23 2019

My personal solution was investing in about 60 one cup tupperware containers. I defrost as many as I need at a time. They don’t store as easily, but they don’t break and they are reusable.

May 22 2019

As much as I hate the Bruins (as any reasonable person hates each and every Boaton-area team), Ray Lussier’s photograph is perfection. It encapsulates so much that is great about hockey: an all-timer, a goal, and the pure joy of winning Lord Stanley’s Cup - while also just simply being a really cool photo.

Aug 10 2011

For filling nail holes on white walls there is toothpaste ;-)