8:37 PM

If it makes them uncomfortable and makes them lose interest in going out, then yes, it has an effect. Acts of rebellion don’t have to be large, country-changing, and explosive. Small acts of rebellion help remind these people that they are not supported, and at the very least, they don’t get to sit around and live a Read more

8:14 PM

Agreed. Honestly, I think all of these fucks are too soulless to be hurt or even slightly affected by anything we could say to them, but if we can inconvenience them in any way, if we can make any hiccup in their day of fucking over this country, we need to take it. I don’t think any of these assholes will ever feel Read more

7:21 PM

Because, deep in their black, burned-out little hearts, they KNOW what they're doing is wrong and it's only a matter of time before it all comes crashing down. 

7:17 PM

He ran like a scared rabbit, because of words. She didn’t swear, she didn’t insult him, she just stated facts. Even when you’re civil to Republicans, they run and scream in terror.

1:59 PM

If people can see the cases of Ethan Couch and Brock Turner and dont believe that white privileged isn’t real, than they’re being deliberately obtuse. Read more

1:44 AM

Yes, a new Colorado is taller and longer than my old beater 93 silverado. The only small truck left is the ridgeline, even the Tacoma is getting wide and long.

10:56 PM

All Fox had to do to end up with a bunch of perverts is hire conservative men in all positions of authority. What is a conservative but one who longs for the return to the values of the past? But, what was really going on in the past besides women and people of color being abused and disenfranchised at the whim of men Read more

10:40 PM

The semaphore-style lights were used in L.A., which is why they appear in so many old cartoons.

12:08 PM

Is it editorial standard across our sites to use “Latinx”? Is it up to each writer? Has Univision taken a position? I’m not advocating one way or the other, but I am very curious.

12:00 PM

My issue is that we are asking the victims of police overreach to act in a calm and professional manner (in a scary situation involving disparities of power and potentially weapons being pointed at them) instead of asking the police officers to act in a calm and professional manner (when that is their friggin’ JOB).

2:01 PM

After LOST ended, if you did a man-on-the-street poll, I bet people would have placed Kim’s face more than Caan’s.

1:37 PM

They’re the reason I started watching this dumb show in the first place. Does CBS seriously think that people are tuning in because they can’t get enough of that potatoface Scott Caan??? Or the other one who’s such a non-entity I can’t even remember the name?

10:01 AM

The show would actually be better with Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim as the leads. The two bland White guys really aren’t that interesting, Kim and Park are better actors, their characters have more compelling backstories seven seasons the show is in HAWAII, a majority Asian state...why it’s about two haoles Read more

2:31 PM

They can’t wrap their minds around the idea of empathy, and why anyone would care about, say, refugees or undocumented immigrants. People who lack moral imagination think everyone else has a problem.

2:27 PM

i dont understand where the liberal snowflake thing came from. type the word boycott into twitter and you will see several hashtags by right wingers trying to boycott things for ridiculous reasons. some examples Read more