But you gotta admit he seems happy with it. Read more

What the fuck? I like how he says “I can’t get my wife and kids to eats these anymore.” Has he never asked why no one will eat his microwaved mayo sandwich with tuna, cheese and tuna water soaked bread. Read more

I am happy for you that you find yourself in a position where you can stay home because 4 more years of Trump won’t mean physical or financial ruin for you and your family. Read more

“and his tendency to avoid certain niceties—singing the Democratic party’s praises, buttering up the press—made him an abrasive figure for some” Read more

Many still unfairly hold Sanders accountable for Clinton’s defeat in 2016, and his tendency to avoid certain niceties—singing the Democratic party’s praises, buttering up the press—made him an abrasive figure for some. Read more

Working from home for the first time in my life made me realize I craved a ritual to transition from a working headspace into post-work casual time. A drink turned out to be the most satisfying way to do just that. Read more

There’s nothing wrong with the fine. It doesn’t target the guy on his way to work at the grocery store; it targets people socializing publicly when they shouldn’t be. If you can’t afford a $500 fine, STAY AT HOME.
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I have no issues with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard owning a building and I think they’re being really good landlords by not charging rent for April. It’s decent and I wish my apartment complex would do the same. Read more

I’m serious. I keep hearing people say that Biden won’t beat Trump, but Bernie would. I don’t understand how that could possibly work. I mean, I get that Berners have faith in Bernie, but that seems extreme. To me, it seems the person that wins the primary has the best bet of winning b/c they can get more votes. If Read more

I agree with your entire response, and those exit polls she’s using are misleading. Bernie had slight leads with Latinx voters under 30 in a single state, California, and polled about even with Biden otherwise, in California. They keep emphasize polling numbers as if those are real measures. This rambling mess of an Read more

What are you saying? That young base didn’t even go out and vote for Bernie during the primaries.  Read more

“We have a nice selection of elderly people in our small neighborhood, so I’ve stocked up on rice, beans, pasta, farro, a variety of Aisian noodles, canned vegetables, shelf milk, coconut milk, butter, frozen vegetables, lots of flatbread in the freezer, etc.” Read more

I tried to go to the grocery store after work on Wednesday, because I actually needed things. This grocery store is pretty much always busy but 7pm on a weekday is usually safe. It was so busy I couldn’t find a spot and I refused to go in because I’d definitely have a panic attack in those crowds. Read more

From the pic:  Looks like some of it you eat, some you drink. Read more

Thank you!! I have said before I love Bernie’s ideas but I can’t stand the messenger. I loved Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. She said the exact things Bernie stands for but she knew it wasn’t her time this election cycle. And certainly she was right to acknowledge the role sexism played and the bad treatment she got at Read more

Let it never be said that Bernie Sanders is anything but a narcissistic sociopath.  Read more

That’s my personal feeling (though my state votes so late, it doesn’t matter what I think). Read more

I am firmly in the ‘let people enjoy whatever they want on their pizza’ camp. Read more